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Beatsource LINK’s Offline Mode is Coming to Serato DJ

Beatsource LINK’s Offline Mode is Coming to Serato DJ

In October, after months of anticipation, Beatsource integrated the Beatsource LINK music streaming service for open-format DJs with Serato DJ. It was a groundbreaking advancement; however, it was just the beginning of their partnership with Serato.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Beatsource LINK’s offline mode, which enables DJs to mix without an internet connection, is coming to Serato DJ Pro 2.5 and Lite 1.5 soon. You’ll be able to mix anywhere with Beatsource LINK.

Can’t wait? You can test Beatsource LINK’s offline mode in the public beta of Serato DJ Pro 2.5 and Lite 1.5 here.

Don’t have Beatsource LINK? Try it free.

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Beatsource Launches First-Ever Licensed DJ Edits

Beatsource Launches First-Ever Licensed DJ Edits

As DJs, we know how important it is to have versions like intro edits and instrumentals in your arsenal. That’s why our friends at Beatsource have teamed up with Create Music Group and EMPIRE to offer exclusive DJ versions of thousands of tracks from their catalog in the Beatsource LINK music streaming service for open-format DJs. The versions include “intro edits,” whereby approximately 15 to 30 seconds of the instrumentals are added to the beginning and end of the track to facilitate easier mixing. Instrumentals and acapellas will also be available.

The collaboration is the first step in Beatsource’s broader initiative to authorize and monetize DJ edits for streaming, which has never been done before in the music industry. The initiative will provide DJs with official DJ versions while introducing new revenue streams and data for artists and labels.

Beatsource’s President, Brian “DJ Quickie” Wong​, says:

“While streaming has saved the music industry from over a decade of declining revenues, DJs were left out of this wave of innovation because they were never officially provided with the content they need. … Not only does this collaboration create, for the first time, an authorized and monetized channel to stream DJ edits, but artists will gain unprecedented insight into how DJs are playing their music … We can now track things like how many plays a song is getting in the clubs, who played it, and performed to what size audience. This information was never aggregated until our forward-thinking partners at EMPIRE and Create helped challenge the music supply chain to better serve the most important tastemaker in the industry, the DJ.”

Create Music Group’s EVP of Operations, George Karalexis, comments:

“Alongside the rise of streaming we’ve seen a striking downturn in the tools and resources that music creators and record labels offer to open-format DJs, an extremely important group of tastemakers that can really help to break new artists. In order to re-engage this vital part of the music promotion ecosystem, we’ve opened up our catalog to Beatsource who have tailor-made a huge catalog of custom mixes and edits for their vast network of DJs. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with them as our catalog grows and their network of DJs expands.”

EMPIRE’s Founder and CEO, Ghazi, adds:

“EMPIRE’s focus on innovation through technology has transformed providing independent music to the world … and the support of the DJs as tastemakers and record breakers has been integral to our success. We know these tools are essential to DJs, and this partnership with Beatsource will ensure that our most dedicated supporters have access to the right content to continue making an impact with our artists. Salute the DJ.”

Create Music Group and EMPIRE have mined deep into their catalogs, identifying some of their most popular tracks, and assembled a variety of DJ edits exclusively for Beatsource. Tracks included in the first wave of edits include hits by Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Rich The Kid, Anderson Paak, Tory Lanez, the Insomniac Records catalog, and more.

Beatsource is currently engaged with the major labels to ensure their content is included as licensed DJ edits by April. In the meantime, hits from Create Music Group and EMPIRE are now available exclusively to Beatsource LINK and DJcity subscribers.

Don’t have Beatsource LINK? Try it free.

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Beatsource Launches ‘VIP Crates’ Curated by World’s Top DJs

Beatsource Launches ‘VIP Crates’ Curated by World’s Top DJs

Today Beatsource announced the launch of VIP Crates, an on-going series of playlists curated by the world’s most influential DJs. Compiled exclusively for Beatsource, the playlists give insight into which tracks grace the sets of top tastemaker DJs worldwide.

To kick off the series, Beatsource has called upon a diverse group of open-format DJs from hot spots like Los Angeles, London, Las Vegas, Miami, and beyond. They include:

  • Lil Jon, GRAMMY award-winning multi-platinum artist
  • Tay James, Justin Bieber’s tour DJ
  • DJ Amen, music director at LA’s REAL 92.3 and DJ for San Francisco 49ers
  • ZHU, GRAMMY-nominated artist
  • Walshy Fire, member of Major Lazer
  • DJ EFN, co-host of Drinks Champs podcast
  • Craig David, GRAMMY-nominated multi-platinum artist
  • Charlie Sloth, host of Apple Music 1’s Charlie Sloth Rap Show
  • Joel Corry, platinum artist
  • Nathan Dawe, platinum artist
  • James Hype, platinum artist
  • DJ Javin, mixer at SiriusXM’s Globalization and Phoenix’s Power 98.3

Beatsource board member, A-Trak, says:

VIP Crates is a perfect example of Beatsource’s brilliance. DJing is more than just keeping up with the newest releases and knowing the classics. Every DJ has their own personal go-to’s, those tracks that never leave the crates even though they never charted. Weapons, tools. Being able to tap into that with a subscription is huge.

Kidd Spin, Beatsource’s head of curation, adds:

“DJs are often curious as to what other DJs are playing in their sets. Clubs and live shows are far and few between these days, so there’s virtually no way to know what our favorite DJs are currently into or being influenced by without a direct connection. VIP Crates gives insight into what top tastemaker DJs are feeling right now, and the varying playlists show great diversity – from all genres, eras, and styles.”

Edwin Paredes, Beatsource’s chief content officer, also commented:

“The groundswell of support we’ve received from these enormously successful artists and DJs wanting to be a part of our initial rollout of VIP Crates has been amazing. We’re looking forward to adding more influential tastemakers to the VIP Crates mix in the coming months.”

The playlists are available on the Beatsource LINK music streaming service for open-format DJs.

Browse VIP Crates here.

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Beatsource Teams With Serato for All-Stars Competition

Beatsource All-Stars Competition

Beatsource is all about recognizing talented DJs. That’s why they have teamed up with Serato on the Beatsource All-Stars competition. DJs from around the world can enter for a chance to win a $1,000 paid headlining DJ set on Serato’s Twitch channel on Dec. 23, 2020. The winner will perform along with Four Color Zack, DJ Spider, and DJ Diamond Kuts.

How to enter

  1. Film yourself performing a 10-minute mix using Beatsource LINK and Serato DJ. You can only use tracks from Beatsource LINK.
  2. Upload your video to IGTV and tag #BeatsourceAllstars, @serato, and @beatsourceofficial in your caption. Your video must be published by midnight PST on Dec. 8, 2020.


Beatsource will review all entries on Dec. 9, 2020, and select one winner on Dec. 16, 2020. The mixes will be judged on creativity and vibe.

Additional prizes

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Mystykal Kut Launches his “Reminds You” DJ Challenge

DJcity France ambassador and 2020 Red Bull 3Style France Champion, Mystykal Kut launches his “Reminds You” DJ Challenge in partnership with DJcity, Serato, 12inch Skinz & Red Bull. The challenge is open to DJ’s worldwide.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Download the DJ Pack HERE.
2. Record your video routine with at least one element from this pack (Acapella, Instrumental, Guitar Solo, Vocoder)
3. Upload your video on Instagram with the hashtag #RemindsYouDJChallenge and tag @mystykalkut. Deadline is 30th September 11:59 CET Time

Prizes include:
1st Prize – 1 pair of 12inch Skinz Custom PHASE control records (with their own Logo or Picture), 1 Serato Sample License, 1 Nethub Hoodie, and some energy with Red Bull.
2nd Prize – 1 Serato Sample License, 1 pair of Serato Control Vinyl, and some energy with Red Bull.
3rd Prize – 1 Serato Sample License, and some energy with Red Bull.

The Judges are: Mystykal Kut, B.Kut, Fong Fong, DJ Noise, DJ Ewone, and DJ Stresh.

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Winner Announced for Beatsource and deadmau5’s ‘Pomegranate DJ Challenge’

DJ Fummy
DJ Fummy

Following a two-week contest, Japan’s DJ Fummy has been crowned the winner of the Beatsource and deadmau5’s “Pomegranate DJ Challenge.” The Osaka native has won a $2,000 Apple gift card and a one-year subscription to Beatsource LINK.

A seasoned turntablist, Fummy won second place in the 2018 Red Bull 3Style World Finals and DMC World Championship.

DJ Datflex (Spain) and Sergi Ales (Spain) are the first and second runners-up. Both contestants have won a one-year subscriptions to LINK. Honorable mentions include DJ Michelle (UAE), Devon Kosoko
 (UAE), and DJ ND (Belgium).

All entries were judged on creativity by Beatsource’s global team.

Watch the winning videos:

Download or stream “Pomegranate” on Beatsource and watch the music video:

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Watch DJ IKU’s Hip-Hop Quick Mix for Episode 8 of GENRE BNDR’s ‘CH419’

Japan’s renowned turntablist, DJ IKU, showcases his turntablism skills while performing a hip-hop quick mix on the latest episode of GENRE BNDR‘s CH419.

The 2010 Red Bull 3Style Japan champion’s mix mainly contains newly released hip-hop tracks and a few classic throwbacks.

Watch DJ IKU’s performance above.


1. Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
2. Run The Jewels ft. 2 Chainz – Out Of Sight
3. The D.O.C – It’s Funky Enough
4. Public Enemy – State Of The Union (STFU)
5. Megan Thee Stallion – Girls In The Hood – MarkCutz Boyz-N-The-Hood Intro
6. Lil Wayne – Clap For Em – KidCutUp Club Edit
7. Nicki Minaj – Megatoron
8. Tyga – Ayy Macarena
9. Yella Beezy ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Ay Ya Ya Ya
10. Tyga, YG & Santana – MAMACITA
11. DaBaby ft. Roddy Ricch – ROCKSTAR

Follow DJ IKU on Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud, SoundCloud, and Twitter.

Follow GENRE BNDR on Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud, and Twitter.

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Watch DJ IKU’s Red Bull 3Style Global DJ Charity Livestream Set on GENRE BNDR’s ‘CH419’

DJ IKU was invited to represent Japan at the Red Bull 3Style Global DJs Charity Livestream for WHO, which took place on May 16, 2020. The 2010 Red Bull 3Style Japan champion’s one-hour set features Afrobeats, funk, hip-hop, house, r&b, and more.

Watch DJ IKU’s full livestream set on the latest episode of GENRE BNDR‘s CH419 above.


1. James Brown – Get Up (Sex Machine)
2. Nelly – Hot In Here
3. S!RENE – It G Hot In Mi Bumper – VIP Edit
5. Young T & Bugsey ft. Headie One – Don’t Rush
6. ZICO – Any Song
7. Lotso – senoritaaaaa
8. Bruno Mars – 24k magic – Justin Timberlake – Senorita (Baile Flip)
9. Yuto – Big Poppa (Yuto Reflex)
10. Roddy Ricch – The Box – Adam Doubleyou & Nick Bike Controlla Bootleg
11. YBN Cordae ft. Anderson Paak – RNP Skratch Bastid & Nick Bike Remix
12. Ice Cube & Das EFX – Check Yo Self Remix
13. Too Short – Blow The Whistle
14. Juelz Santana – There It Go (The Whistle Song) – MMR Edit
15. PTAF – Boss Ass Chick
16. Tyga, YG & Blueface – Bop
17. TroyBoi – Say Yeah
18. Terror Squad – Lean Back
19. Tommy Montana – Lemon Back
20. Diplo ft. Angger Dimas & Travis Porter – Biggie Bounce
21. TWRK – Helicopter
22. Fat Boys – Stick Em’ Loop
23. Herbie Hancock – Rockit
24. Fatboy Slim – Slash Dot Dash
25. Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl
26. Dillon Francis & Nitti Gritti – Salsabahton (Shake That Booty)
27. Bruna Boy – Pop Ye Coller – Vandalized Edit
28. Burna Boy – Ye (f r a n c h i s e. Remix)
29. Decap & DJ Damianito – BRAZIL
30. A$AP Rocky – Praise The Lord – Beer Petrie Remix
31. The Sugarhill Gang vs Chic – Rapper’s Delight – Jet Boot Jack Good Times 2018 Remix
32. Nick Bike – Hollywood Shack Up
33. J. Geils Band – Centerfold
34. DJ LBR & Big Ali – Real Party – Slynk Remix
35. Midas Hutch – Nas & Ginuwine – You Owe Me Remix
36. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby
37. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock
38. salute – Multiply Dub
39. Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift – Richastic Remix
40. Soulja Boy – Crank That – MMR Tokyo Drift Bootleg
41. FS Green – Carnage – WDYW (FS Green Remix)
42. Travis Scott ft. Juice WRLD & Sheck Wes – NO BYSTANDERS – Uki & Alamaki Baile Funk Remix
43. Wakanda (Edit)
44. George Kranz – Din Daa Daa
45. Arif Omari & Austin Lebron – Me de Jersey
46. Full Crate ft. Trinidad James & Bryn Christopher – Vogue
47. Travis Scott – Goosebumps – Vandalized Edit
48. Kanye West – Power (f r a n c h i s e. Instrumental Edit)
49. Kanye West – All Day
50. Lil Pump – Boss
51. Fly By Midnight – Hotline Bling
52. Drake vs. Blonde – Call Me Bling (Providence Mushup Bootleg)
53. Camo & Krooked ft.TC – Make The Call
54. What So Not & RL Grime – Tell Me
55. Eliminate – Snake Bite(VIP)
56. Mura Masa – Lotus Eater – Dinpei Remix
57. Kanye West – Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix)
58. TroyBoi ft. Healty Chill – Favorite
59. Future – Mask Off (Boston Chery × Uki Refix)
60. Travis Scott – Sicko Mode (Cumbia Edit)
61. Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj – Dance (A$$)
62. KYLE ft. Ric The Kid & K CAMP – YES!
63. Dawn Penn – No No No
64. Alicia Keys – No One
65. Major Lazer & Grandtheft – Number One

Follow DJ IKU on Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud, SoundCloud, and Twitter.

Follow GENRE BNDR on Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud, and Twitter.

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Watch: ‘Inside Turntablists’ Puts a Spotlight on DJ Woody

DJ Woody (Source: Boom City)

British creative collective Boom City has delivered another episode of their documentary series, Inside Turntablists. This episode features DJ Woody, a UK-based DJ and producer. He’s a former ITF and Vestax World Champion and currently runs his own label, Woodwurk Records.

In the episode, DJ Woody discusses his history with hip-hop culture, the invention of the Woodpecker scratch, as well as his involvement with the Vestax Controller One — the world’s first-ever musical turntable instrument.

Watch the episode and a routine from DJ Woody below.

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Instagram To Pay Content Creators Via ‘Badges’ Program and Ad Revenue

DJ Louis XIV. (Source: Vanity Fair)

As of June 2020, Instagram will finally financially reward content creators using Instagram Live as a creative and broadcast portal. Via both the rollout of 10-15 second ads in Instagram Live, as well as new program, “Instagram Badges,” creatives will be rewarded for live fan engagement. Instagram’s updates were announced on May 27 via a blog post.

Created, in part, due to a 70% increase in Instagram Live usage at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program — similar to incentivization programs used by online broadcaster Twitch — ultimately allows for creatives to earn revenue via their tune-in fanbase “tipping” during creators’ live videos. As well, the platform will engage in ads that will play at the start of each user’s active engagement. The revenue from these ads will be paid at 55% to the creator, and 45% to Instagram. There is no word, as yet, regarding how long a user must be engaged with the live stream for the revenue to be paid.

Many would presume that the spike in online DJ and music sets, including, but not limited to, the likes of D-Nice and the Verzuz concept would have a significant role to play in the development of this revenue concept. In the month and a half between D-Nice’s March 22 DJ set (which peaked at 150,000 users) to Jill Scott and Erykah Badu’s May 9 Verzuz battle (where 750,000 users tuned in), Instagram Live engagement with well-advertised musical events grew 400%. Unless paid for by a third-party sponsor, these are events that are occurring for free.

Four Color Zack (and others) have adapted to online DJ sets. Moreover, there is potential that festivals like Coachella will either be rescheduled entirely or be streaming-only events. Instagram making a financial play to help content creators and brands having to adjust live-first activities to the current digital-only era makes sense.

Recently, DJs broadcasting live on Instagram had their sets flagged for copyright violations. As of May 28, DJs have been advised to play 90-second clips of music. Furthermore, they have reminded users that “people also have access to a library of custom music and sound effects at no cost using [parent company] Facebook’s Sound Collection.”

Badges will begin testing next month with a small group of creators and businesses. Over the coming months, it will expand across the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Mexico. Instagram asks content creators wanting to be considered for Badges access to fill out this form.

Within the past month, numerous updates to Instagram’s relationship with the DJ community have occurred. This is likely the first of many updates on a creative and financial level between the portal and the creative community.

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