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Classic DJ Gear: Pioneer DJ DJM-909 Mixer

Pioneer DJ DJM-909

Pioneer DJ changed the game when it introduced the DJM-909 mixer in 2004. Equipped with 50 effects and a touchscreen, the DJM-909 was ahead of its time.

Not only did it become a favorite among club DJs, but it also paved the way for future two-channel mixers by Pioneer and its competitors. That includes the company’s extremely popular DJM-S9.

Watch Mister Remix break down the DJM-909’s features and impact on this episode of DJcityTV’s Classic DJ Gear.

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Pioneer DJ Announces DDJ-SX3 Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

Pioneer DJ has announced the DDJ-SX3, an update to its hugely successful DDJ-SX series of controllers.

Designed for use with Serato DJ Pro, the unit expands on the functionality of the previous generation. It adds a second USB port for easy changeovers and back-to-back sets, and a third microphone input, making the DDJ-SX3 a great choice for DJs who work with singers, MCs, and other live performers.

The DDJ-SX3 comes with licenses for Serato DJ’s Flip and Pitch & Time expansion packs and is the first model in the SX series to have dedicated pitch play controls. The mixer section now features four standalone Color FX, Echo, Jet, Noise and Filter, which will be familiar to users of the company’s club mixers.

Available in early June, the DDJ-SX3 is set to retail for $999 — the same price as the previous DDJ-SX2.

Watch Pioneer’s promo video below, which features DMC world champ, Mr Switch, and get more info on their website.

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Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-SB3 Controller Scratches For You

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ has announced a new version of its entry-level Serato controller, the DDJ-SB.

The first new hardware to be released with Serato’s new DJ Lite software, the DDJ-SB3 includes elements from the company’s higher-end controllers, such as performance pads, independent auto loop buttons, and control over four decks.

The unit also includes a unique new Pad Scratch feature, co-developed with DJ Jazzy Jeff, which enables users to trigger eight preset scratches by pressing the performance pads.

The DDJ-SB3 will be available in stores soon, priced at $249. Find out more at Pioneer DJ’s website, and check out the introduction video to hear Jazzy Jeff talk about the new features.

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Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Review


During his time at the Red Bull 3Style World Finals in Poland, Mojaxx hooked up with event sponsor Pioneer DJ for a closer look at their new rekordbox controller, the DDJ-1000.

Debuted in January, the four-channel device features CDJ sized jog wheels with full-color displays, 16 performance pads, and new effects. It also has two USB ports for easy DJ switching and comes with a license for rekordbox.

Mojaxx made good use of his time with the DDJ-1000, giving it the full review treatment for this week’s Tips and Tricks. He even asked some of the world-class DJs in town to throw down some cuts on it. Can it handle their test? Find out above.

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Pioneer DJ Debuts DDJ-1000 rekordbox Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000
Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 (Photo source: Pioneer DJ)

Pioneer DJ announced the DDJ-1000 on Tuesday, the latest controller for their rekordbox DJ software.

A four-channel device, the DDJ-1000 features CDJ size jog wheels which contain full color central displays. They can be customized to display various types of information, including BPM, waveforms, and cue points.

The controller’s mixer section includes a lot of familiar effects from the DJM mixer range, as well as some new effects like Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle, and Low Cut Echo.

The DDJ-1000 also features two USB ports for DJ switching, 16 performance pads, and a license for the rekordbox DJ performance software.

It will be available mid-January at a price of $1,199. Check out Pioneer DJ’s website for more information and watch the introduction video below, which features Red Bull 3Style world finalist, Deejay Irie.

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Watch Gorgon City Perform on Pioneer DJ’s ‘DJsounds’

Gorgon City

Deep house duo from North London, Gorgon City have achieved mainstream success in the UK and across into the US. During a recent visit to Pioneer’s DJsounds show, they dropped an hour-long set packed with new deep house tracks. Gorgon City played live with two new DJS-1000 live samplers at Pioneer DJ’s pop-up at ADE 2017.

Watch above as Kye and Matt show how they lace and embellish there tracks with one-shot samples and FX from the new samplers.

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Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 Walkthrough

Tips and Tricks

On a new episode of Tips and Tricks, UK DJ/producer Doorly joins Mojaxx to demonstrate Pioneer DJ’s DJS-1000.

Released in October, the DJS-1000 is a standalone DJ sampler and sequencer that serves as a follow-up to the TORAIZ SP-16. While the SP-16 was innovative, Pioneer DJ launched the DJS-1000 with some highly-desired improvements to make it more DJ friendly.

Doorly, who was a longtime user of the SP-16, gives a hands-on look at some of the changes and also explains and how he uses the DJS-1000 in his sets.

Watch Tips and Tricks above.

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