Hundreds of DJs Attend DJcity Linkup in London


JFB, Three-time DMC UK Champion (credit: Sam Younger)

On Saturday, hundreds of DJs from around the UK gathered at Red Bull Studios in London for the DJcity Linkup. The gathering, which was organized by DJcity UK, brought together a diverse group of DJs under one roof. They included radio personalities such as MistaJam and Swerve along with turntablists like Brace, JFB, and Jon1st.

Website UK Grime wrote, “It’s safe to say, many of those in attendance left the event inspired and re-energised.”

DJcity UK Director DJ Play, added, “amazing things happen when we all work together.”

Check out the photos below.

Red Bull Studios London
Red Bull Studios London


MistaJam, BBC 1Xtra


DJ Brace
DJ Brace, 2015 DMC World Champion

Jon1st, 2013 DMC World Online Champion

James Hype
James Hype

Attendee signings

Outside of Red Bull Studios London

All photos by Sam Younger

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Sample Music Festival 2016 (Berlin/ GER)


On the weekend of 16-18. September the second Sample Music Festival will take place at Gretchen Club Berlin. The SMF is an international event for turntablists, finger drummers and beat producers. Attendees will be able to watch performances, participate in workshops and exchange experiences with the likes of D-Styles, DJ Rafik, Unkut, Alex Sonnenfeld and many more…


Time Schedule SMF 2016

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