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As Serato DJ Pro and Lite have reached their version 3.0 milestone, it was only natural that the company would bring a major new feature to the software. Live stem separation – the ability to control drums, bass, melody and vocals individually – is not new in the DJ world, and so it was important that Serato brought some new ways of working to the tech. In this episode of Beatsource Tech, Mojaxx breaks down the new feature in full.

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Beatsource Tech: Silent Cue Is Awesome! (And Now You Can Map It)

The Silent Cue feature has been found in Serato DJ Pro for quite some time, but it has never been midi-mappable from within the software interface. This means that not every user had access to it, unless they wanted to get into some midi XML file trickery.

But in the new 2.6.0 public beta, Silent Cue now can now be midi mapped like any other control, so if you haven’t tried it – now is the time. In this episode of Beatsource Tech, Mojaxx talks through how to map it, and why he likes it so much.

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Beatsource Tech: Use Your Serato Library On CDJs – DJ Conversion Utility Review

A question often asked by some Serato DJ Pro users is how they can get their crates, cues and loops into Rekordbox. Not because they want to switch, but so they can do a gig or two playing just off USB drives on CDJs. On the new episode of Beatsource Tech, we look at Mojaxx‘s favorite tool for doing that job (and a lot more besides): DJ Conversion Utility.

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Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 Review: The Ultimate Affordable Battle Mixer?

Pioneer DJ‘s line of Serato battle mixers gains a new, more affordable model in the DJM-S5. Taking design and feature cues from its more expensive stablemates, it promises to offer great performance for intermediate, hobbyist DJs. Finished in a vibrant red color, the S5 really stands out from the crowd visually – but does it justify its $800 price tag? Mojaxx gives us his thoughts in a full review.

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First Look: Serato DJ Pro 2.5.11

Serato has released the latest version of its flagship DJ Pro software, 2.5.11, which includes the promised support for Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-RX3. The standalone device, released in late 2021, can play files directly from USB, Rekordbox DJ, and now, from Serato DJ Pro. Mojaxx takes a first look on the new episode of Beatsource Tech.

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Serato Boxes Are Dead, and That’s a Problem

With so many OS and software updates, and products being discontinued, the writing is now on the wall for separate audio interfaces for Serato DJ Pro. In the new episode of Beatsource Tech, Mojaxx explains why that is a problem, and asks the industry to do something about it.

Watch the video above.

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Mojaxx Reviews Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-REV1 and DDJ-REV7

Mojaxx reviews Pioneer DJ’s new controllers, the DDJ-REV1 and DDJ-REV7 on the first episode of his new Beatsource Tech series. The DDJ-REV1 is an entry-level, two-channel controller for Serato DJ Lite, and the DDJ-REV7 is a two-channel controller for Serato DJ Pro with motorized platters that provides the mixer and turntable experience in one unit.

Both are part of the new DDJ-REV series that takes inspiration for its layout from a professional DJM-S mixer plus turntable setup and adds innovative features for open format DJs.

“The ‘REV’ series of controllers are a new and exciting chapter for Serato and Pioneer DJ,” says Serato Chief Strategy Officer Nick Maclaren. “Following up on the DDJ-SB3 was never going to be easy, with a brand new layout and innovative features we’re confident beginners are going to love learning on DDJ-REV1. For our professional DJs, the DDJ-REV7 is one of the most powerful controllers we’ve ever worked on and it’s exciting to have motorized jog wheels make their debut on a Pioneer DJ controller.”

Watch Mojaxx’s review for the DDJ-REV7 above and for the DDJ-REV1 below.

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First Look: Serato DJ Pro 2.5.7 Update With Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 Support

Pioneer DJ‘s latest flagship multi-player is now an official Serato accessory via the newest upgrade to Serato DJ Pro, Serato DJ Pro’s 2.5.7. Building on the legacy of the CDJ-2000NXS2, the CDJ-3000 features several powerful improvements, including an enhanced MPU, redesigned hardware components, and a 9-inch, high-resolution touch screen. However, complete control of Serato DJ Pro with the CDJ-3000 requires using HID mode, including Serato’s colored waveforms on the display.

“As clubs and festivals open worldwide, support for the CDJ-3000 has been a highly requested feature for Serato DJs.” says Chief Strategy Officer Nick Maclaren. “We’re pleased to bring this support in Serato DJ Pro 2.5.7, with the reliability and quality our professional DJs expect.”

Download Serato DJ Pro 2.5.7 by clicking here.

To use the CDJ-3000 with Serato DJ Pro, you need to ensure it uses the latest firmware version. You can download this from Pioneer DJ by clicking here.

Mojaxx takes a first look at the integration in this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks. Watch above.

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Mojaxx Gives Walkthrough of Beatsource LINK’s Offline Mode in Serato DJ

On Monday, Serato released Serato DJ Pro 2.5 and Lite 1.5. Among other updates, both versions added support for Beatsource LINK’s offline mode, a highly anticipated feature that enables DJs to use LINK without an internet connection. Watch above to see DJcityTV’s Mojaxx provide a walkthrough of the feature.

Don’t have Beatsource LINK? Start your free trial.

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Beatsource LINK’s Offline Mode is Now Available in Serato DJ

Beatsource LINK’s Offline Mode is Now Available in Serato DJ

Streaming is the future of DJing, but DJs need to be able to mix with or without an internet connection. Today, we’re excited to announce that Beatsource LINK’s offline mode, which enables DJs to mix without Wi-Fi, is finally available in Serato DJ. The update, which is integrated with Serato DJ Pro 2.5 and Lite 1.5, follows over a month of public beta testing.

Asher “Styles Davis” Finkel, at Beatsource, says:

“We’re super excited to be the first service to bring offline mode for streaming content to Serato DJ. We know that DJs need to build trust with streaming technology, and our offline locker will provide the stability and insurance they need. This is a watershed moment in the way DJs get music.”

Download Serato Pro 2.5 and Lite 1.5 here and start your free trial of Beatsource LINK here.

Watch a tutorial on how to use the offline mode below:

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