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Mojaxx Reviews Third Generation of MasterSounds Radius Rotary Mixers

In this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a look at boutique UK manufacturer MasterSounds’ latest generation of Radius rotary mixers. While the mixers maintain the level of quality MasterSounds is known for, this iteration comes in at a much more user-friendly price point.

Watch Mojaxx’s review above.

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How to Use Soundiiz and TuneMyMusic to Migrate Your Playlists to Beatsource LINK

The Beatsource LINK streaming service for open-format DJs is now supported by Soundiiz and TuneMyMusic, two separate services that allow users to transfer their playlists between music streaming platforms. On this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx shows us how to use the two apps to transfer playlists from Spotify to Beatsource LINK.

Using Soundiiz or TuneMyMusic, Beatsource LINK subscribers can transfer their playlists from services like Spotify and Apple Music to Beatsource LINK, and instantly DJ with them. SoundCloud, TIDAL, YouTube, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Google Play Music are also supported.

Soundiiz offers two plans: free and premium at $3 a month. The free version lets DJs transfer one playlist at a time, whereas the premium version enables DJs to transfer multiple playlists at once and sync them.

A paid version of TuneMyMusic enables users to sync playlists between services. It costs $4.50 a month or $2 a month when billed annually.

Launched in May, LINK is available in popular DJ software such as Serato DJ (beta), Denon DJ Engine OS (beta), Pioneer DJ rekordbox, VirtualDJ, Algoriddim djay, and djay Pro, and Hercules DJUCED.

Watch Mojaxx’s walkthrough above and start your free trial of LINK here.

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DJcity Mobile App 5.0.0. Update Available Now

DJcity Mobile App 5.0.0.

The DJcity mobile app has been updated with new and improved features. In addition to a streamlined user interface and enhanced functionality, the app offers improved cohesiveness with the new DJcity website for a more consistent cross-platform user experience.

Key features and improvements:

• Added search auto-complete.
• Added search result filters.
• Added option to filter search results by exact matches only.
• Added sorting options for search results.
• Added key filters.
• Added reset filter button.
• Added genre filters.
• Added genre sorting.
• Added locale-based monthly charts.
• Added ability to change music preferences inside the mobile app.
• Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

Watch Mojaxx’s walkthrough below and download the updated DJcity mobile app here.

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Pioneer DJ Announces CDJ-3000 Media Player

(Source: Pioneer DJ)

Pioneer DJ has just announced the CDJ-3000, the latest upgrade to their flagship media player. The player, which is also available in white, features an enhanced processor, key sync and key shift features, an improved jog wheel, and more. The player’s nine-inch, high-resolution touch screen features touch preview and touch cue functions along with stacked waveform and three-band waveform views (three-band waveform view works with tracks analyzed by rekordbox).

Alongside the media player, Pioneer DJ has also re-released the four-channel DJM-900NXS2-W mixer.

The CDJ-3000 is available now at a suggested retail price of $2,299 USD. Watch Pioneer DJ’s introductory video along with Mojaxx‘s first look below.

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First Look: Denon DJ Engine OS 1.6 Public Beta With Beatsource LINK and Dropbox Integration

Following this morning’s announcement of Denon DJ’s Engine OS 1.6 public beta, Mojaxx takes a first look at the additions to the platform. The integration of Beatsource LINK and Dropbox into Denon DJ’s PRIME Series hardware offers groundbreaking functionality for the digital DJ.

Watch Mo’s first look above, then get a free trial of LINK here and learn how to use LINK with the public beta of Engine OS 1.6 here.

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First Look: Serato DJ Pro 2.4 and Lite 1.4 Public Beta

Earlier today, Serato announced the public beta of Serato DJ Pro 2.4 and Lite 1.4. On this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a first look at Serato’s new beta versions, which feature both Beatsource and Beatport LINK integration and other new features.

Download the public beta of Serato DJ Pro 2.4 or Lite 1.4 here and try Beatsource LINK for free here.

Watch Mojaxx’s first look above.

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Mojaxx Reviews Rode’s Rodecaster Pro Podcasting Equipment

With the entertainment world still in turmoil, DJs are looking to leverage new platforms to reach their audiences, such as live streaming and podcasts. The Rodecaster Pro from Australian manufacturer Rode promises to make creating a podcast from scratch as simple as it can be.

In this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx reviews the Rodecaster Pro, along with the Podmic and the PSA-1 microphone arm. Watch above.

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First Look: Denon DJ Engine OS 1.5

In this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a look at the latest update to Denon DJ‘s Engine OS software. Engine OS 1.5 has been released in preparation for a new PRIME hardware release, and includes Beatport LINK and SoundCloud GO+ music streaming functionality.

Watch Mo’s first look above and download Engine OS 1.5 here.

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Mojaxx Reviews Denon DJ’s PRIME GO Controller

After taking a first look at the controller back in January, Mojaxx is back with a full review of the Denon DJ PRIME GO. The standalone device allows DJs to perform anywhere thanks to its built-in lithium-ion battery, 7-inch touchscreen, and WiFi connectivity.

Watch this episode of Tips and Tricks above.

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Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 Mixer: The Definitive Review

While Pioneer DJ’s six-channel DJM-V10 mixer might not make its way into home studios, it may very well become the next club standard. In this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes an in-depth look at the effects-laden powerhouse.

Watch above.

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