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Over To You: How Should DJs End A Night?

There are two main schools of thought amongst DJs when it comes to the best way to close out a set at the end of a night. Some prefer to bring things down, playing a chilled, singalong track or two, where others will bang it out until the last second.

On the new episode of Beatsource Basics, we turn it over to you, asking you to sound off about your preferred way of doing things in the comments, so that the feedback from the community will provide valuable insights for new, up-and-coming DJs.

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How To Setup and Balance The Tonearms On Your DJ Turntables

Setting up and calibrating the tonearms on your DJ turntables correctly is very important, if you want to get the best performance from your decks – and avoid damaging your needles and records. On the new episode of “Beatsource Basics”, Mojaxx talks you through the whole setup process. Watch above.

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Back to the Booth

Almost every DJ around the world has suffered an enforced hiatus from live performances in the past two years, some for longer than others. But if you’ve taken a break from DJing, for whatever reason, what are the things you ought to consider when getting you’re headead back in the game?

In the first episode of Beatsource Basics, Mojaxx delivers a checklist of things you should get on top of before you get back to the DJ booth. Watch above.

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