Mojaxx Reviews TableBeats 3.0 Scratch Looper App


Turntablist practice app TableBeats has released version 3.0 of their scratch looper program. The free iOS app includes over 3,000 loops from hundreds of producers, with new content added regularly. Features of TableBeats 3.0 include pitch adjustment, shuffle mode, and more.

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx talks about why he thinks the TableBeats app is the biggest bargain in turntablism.

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How to Recover an Unsaved Recording in Serato DJ Pro


Recording a mix in Serato DJ Pro is a fairly straightforward process. But what happens when you finish your DJ set and forget to click “save?” Fortunately, the software has a feature that will temporarily store your unsaved work.

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Tips & Tricks, Mojaxx explains how to recover a seemingly lost recording in Serato DJ Pro.

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Is Reloop’s Tape 2 the Best Way to Record DJ Sets?

Reloop Tape 2

In fall, Reloop released the Tape 2 portable recorder, a convenient solution for DJs looking to record their mixes. The upgraded version of the original Tape boasts up to six hours of recording time and offers high-quality sound in either WAV or MP3 formats.

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a closer look to see how the Tape 2 improves on the original.

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Can Mojaxx Switch From Mac to Windows?

Tips and Tricks

Mojaxx‘s MacBook Pro is old and needs replacing, but the new models are very expensive. He doesn’t want to spend that much money on a laptop that will only be used for DJing.

So, Mo has been researching Windows devices instead, which he admits is a scary idea. “I’ve been a Mac user for over a decade,” Mo says. “I haven’t had a Windows machine since the Windows XP days. So it really is a bit terrifying for me to make that switch.”

To kick off his journey, Mo takes a look at the SLIM 14 Audio Edition laptop from German manufacturer SCHENKER. Watch above on this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks.

Have you switched from Mac to Windows? Share your advice in the comments section below.

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