Numark NS4FX Review: Pro Performance at a Mid-Range Price?

The earlier controllers in Numark‘s NS series, the NS7 and NS6, were renowned as real workhorse devices for professional DJs. With the NS4FX, are the company continuing that legacy, or going in a new direction? Mojaxx gives us his full review on the new episode of “Beatsource Tech.”

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Mojaxx Reviews Numark Mixstream Pro

Numark‘s Mixstream Pro all-in-one device is the first piece of non-Denon DJ hardware to support the embedded Engine OS operating system. Available for a substantially lower cost than other Engine-powered devices, has anything been lost in the transition?

Mojaxx brings us his full review in this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks. Watch above.

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Mojaxx Reviews Numark Party Mix Live Controller

In this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a look at Numark’s new Party Mix Live controller. The Party Mix Live work with Serato DJ Lite and Algoriddim’s DJay software, and offer an introduction to DJing with some fun features like built-in speakers and even a light show.

Watch above.

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How Good Can A $200 Controller Be In 2020?

Numark has released two entry-level controllers, the Mixtrack Pro FX & Mixtrack Platinum FX. While the controllers are aimed at beginners, they offer features that appeal to experienced DJs as well.

On this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx find out just how good these budget-friendly controllers can be.

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First Look: Numark DJ2GO2 Touch

Two years after releasing their well-received DJ2GO2 portable DJ controller, Numark has delivered the DJ2GO2 Touch. The device features a series of innovative upgrades, including a built-in sound card and Serato DJ Lite. Plus, with the DJ2GO2 Touch, the DJ can perform hot cues, looping, and sampler effects. Most notably, DJs are now able to scratch, as it is enhanced with capacitive touch jog wheels.

On this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx looks at the controller and figures out just how well it keeps a DJ in the mix.

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Numark Announces New Mixer, the ‘Scratch’



Numark has announced the “Scratch,” an affordable two-channel mixer designed to work with Serato DJ Pro.

The Scratch features a mini Innofader crossfader, hardware filters, and other pro features like XLR main outs and a dedicated booth output.

The Scratch unlocks the full DVS functionality of Serato DJ Pro. Four performance pads deliver hot cue triggering, loop rolls, and access to the SP8 sampler. A pair of loop encoders can also be used to select and load tracks. Additionally, the Scratch offers instant access to six effects in Serato DJ Pro, trigged by two-way paddle switches.

Although the Scratch was just announced, it is available in stores now, priced at $499.

Check out Numark’s website for more info and watch Mojaxx‘s review below.

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Review: Numark NS6 II DJ Controller


Mojaxx reviews the Numark NS6 II, “a true workhouse controller for Serato DJ.”

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Review: Numark DJ2GO2 Serato DJ Controller


Numark’s DJ2GO2 is a portable, all-in-one controller for Serato DJ. It is intended for beginner DJs or professionals who want a backup controller or something to make mixes with while on the road. It’s only $80, but is it worth it? Find out on this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks.

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Numark Announces NS6II Controller and NTX1000 Turntable

Numark NS6II

Numark NS6II

Numark announced two new additions to their DJ hardware lineup on Monday: The NS6II controller and the NTX1000 turntable.

The original NS6 was one of the first pro-level four-channel controllers for Serato software. However, although it is still supported in Serato DJ today, the hardware is a little dated by comparison to the rest of Numark’s range. With the new version, the NS6II is brought to the cutting edge, while retaining a similar size and feature set to the popular original.

The NS6II’s highlights include dual USB ports for easy DJ switchovers and displays in the jog wheels that provide track and playhead info. It will be available in the summer for $699.

NS6II key features

– Two USB ports for DJ handoffs or multiple computer connections
– Two color LCD track status displays for each jog wheel
– Capacitive touch knobs for instant effects and EQ kills
– Four channels with filter knobs and filter effects
– Roll bar to protect front panel control knobs
– Stand-alone digital mixing 24-bit, 44.1k audio (no computer required)
– Two stereo RCA inputs with DVS-ready phono preamp
– Two dedicated quarter-inch mic inputs with EQ
– Balanced XLR outputs, RCA booth outputs, and master outputs
– Class-compliant drivers (plug-and-play)
– Includes Serato DJ (full version)

Numark NTX1000

The other product that debuted on Monday is an unexpected new addition to the vinyl turntable market: The NTX1000. Taking design cues from classic Numark products like the NS7 and TTX turntables, the NTX1000 promises pro-level performance at an affordable price.

It includes features that you would expect in a pro turntable in 2017, such as variable pitch range up to +/-50%, and adjustable start and stop times. The 2.5 pound platter and 4.0 KGF/CM direct drive motor are intended to work together to give solid, stable performance. The deck body is designed to resist vibration in professional environments.

Priced at just $399 a piece, the NTX1000 has the potential to shake up the turntable scene in a big way. Look out for a review on DJcityTV as soon as it arrives in Q3 2017.

NTX1000 key features

– Full-size 12-inch 2.5 pound platter ensures rock-steady speed accuracy
– Professional 4.0 KGF/CM high-torque motor
– Two-speed design: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
– S-shaped tonearm for accurate tracking
– Damped cueing and anti-skate control
– Adjustable pitch range: ±8%, 16%, 50%
– Start and stop brake controls
– Dust cover
– Switchable power: 100~230V, 50~60Hz

Watch Numark’s promo video for the NS6II below.

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Review: Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2RS Fader

Jesse Dean Designs X2RS Fader

Mojaxx has reviewed the Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2RS fader for a special episode of Tips and Tricks. Unlike Jesse Dean’s external JDDX2R fader, which works with all portable setups, the JDDX2RS is designed specifically for the Numark PT01 Scratch turntable.

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