Watch: DJ Delta Flips ‘ZEZE’ and ‘In My Feelings’ in Tone Play Tutorial

Super Hero DJs DJ Delta

The Super Hero DJs online school is back with a tone play tutorial from DJ Delta. In the video, the 2016 Red Bull Music 3Style Italy champion flips the melody of Kodak Black‘s “ZEZE” to transition into Drake‘s “In My Feelings.”

Super Hero DJs offers multilingual lessons from world-class DJs, including former 3Style and DMC champs like Trayze, Hedspin, Fong Fong, JFB, and 69Beats.

Watch a preview of DJ Delta’s tutorial above and sign up to watch the full video. (Use coupon code “djcity” for a 25% discount.)

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Watch: Damianito Gives Tone Play Tutorial


Damianito, the Red Bull Music 3Style world champ, breaks down one of his signature tone plays in a tutorial for the Super Hero DJs online school.

The routine uses DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels’ “Nobody Speak” and The Meters’ funk classic, “Handclapping Song.”

Super Hero DJs offers multilingual lessons from world-class DJs, including former 3Style and DMC champs like Hedspin, Fong Fong, JFB, 69Beats, and Trayze.

Watch a preview of Damianito’s tutorial above and sign up to watch the full video. (Use coupon code “SUPERWELCOME” for a 20% discount.)

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How to Use Pitch ‘n Time’s Key Sync Feature

Turntable Techniques

Serato DJ’s Pitch ‘n Time plugin enables DJs to shift and sync the key of a track. It improves your ability to mix harmonically, helping to make your blends and transitions sound cleaner.

On this episode of Turntable Techniques, Beat Refinery instructor and 2016 Red Bull 3style U.S. Champion Trayze breaks down how to use Pitch ‘n Time’s key sync feature.

Watch the tutorial above.

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Turntable Techniques: Asymmetrical Looping

Turntable Techniques

Many DJs use symmetrical loops to loop melodies or drum patterns in continuous cycles. Asymmetrical loops, however, have distinct beginnings and endings. They can be used to change rhythms and create patterns on the fly.

Watch the Beat Refinery‘s Obeyah explain how to use them on this episode of Turntable Techniques.

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69Beats Launches New DJ Tutorial Series


69Beats at Suzet Music Club in Poland. (Photo source: Suzet Music Club)

69Beats, the 2016 Red Bull 3Style Poland Champion, has started a new tutorial series called Button Pushing for DJs.

The lessons help DJs of all types learn advanced techniques like tone play, finger drumming, and pitch playing, and integrate them into their party sets.

69Beats is known for his creative and well-executed routines, and more recently for tutorials. He was featured on DJcityTV’s Bedroom Sessions and Tone Play series in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

“[The techniques] help you make your set more entertaining and add a whole new vibe to the tracks you play,” the 28-year-old DJ says in the first episode. “And they can help you get out of some trouble if something unwanted happens. And the best thing about them, in my opinion, is that they really help you get the attention of the crowd.”

The first episode takes a look at basic finger drumming patterns. He encourages DJs to follow along using his tutorials on the educational software, Melodics.

Watch the video below.

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How to Use Custom Cue Points in Serato DJ

Turntable Techniques

Customizing the cue points in your DJ performance software can streamline and open up new options for your sets. On this episode of Turntable Techniques, the Beat Refinery‘s DJ As-One discusses how to use them in Serato DJ.

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Turntable Techniques: How to Use ‘Transition Stingers’


DJcityTV and Beat Refinery are back with a new episode of the tutorial series, Turntable Techniques. This time, DJ As-One demonstrates how to use “transition stingers” in DJ sets.

Transition stingers are exclusive performance tools that start at one tempo and end with a sample. They enable DJs to drop a song of any tempo immediately after the current track. By being able to jump around different BPM ranges, DJs can add creativity to their sets.

Watch As-One break down how to use stingers above and download them only on DJcity.

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How To DJ House Music Like a Dancehall DJ

Turntable Techniques

Reggae and dancehall DJs, known in Jamaica as “selectors,” are known for mixing multiple “versions” of the same instrumental with different vocalists. The technique can also be used outside of those genres, and is a great way to add creativity to your set.

On this episode of DJcity and Beat Refinery‘s Turntable Techniques, Washington, D.C. DJ/producer Obeyah explains how to mix

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Turntable Techniques: How to Perform the ‘Rockit’ Scratch

DJ As-One

Turntable Techniques

DJcity and Beat Refinery have released a new episode of the tutorial series, Turntable Techniques. In the video, DJ As-One explains how to do the “Rockit” scratch, which Grandmixer D.ST performed on Herbie Hancock’s 1983 hit of the same name.

The song was the lead single off Hancock’s landmark album, Future Shock, which saw him venture into the worlds of electro-funk and instrumental hip-hop. “Rockit” is recognized as the first popular single to feature scratching and has been cited by DJ QBert and Mix Master Mike as a pivotal influence on them.

“You can gauge a DJ’s skills by when they use [the ‘Rockit’ scratch],” QBert said in the documentary Scratch.

Watch As-One break it down below.

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How to Make Acapella Edits for Your DJ Sets Using Ableton Live

Turntable Techniques

The first two episodes of DJcityTV and Beat Refinery‘s Turntable Techniques series focused on using acapella-in and acapella-out edits in your DJ sets. Now, DJcityTV and Beat Refinery have returned with a tutorial that explains how to make the edits using Ableton Live. Watch above to see Trayze, a Red Bull Thre3style USA Finalist, take you through the process.

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