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How to Access Your DJcity Download History

How to Access Your DJcity Download History

This is the first installment of our new series of simple tutorials to help you get the most out of our updated website. Today we will show you how to access your download history.

Access your download history by navigating to your account page, then clicking on the “download history” link. There you will find all your downloads within the last year.

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Updated DJcity Desktop App Available Now

DJcity Desktop App Update

The DJcity desktop app has been updated with new and improved features. In addition to a streamlined user interface and enhanced functionality, the app offers a new custom file naming feature that allows users to personalize their downloaded files with artist, title, version, bpm, genre, key, or year.

Key features and improvements:

• Personalize your downloaded files with artist, title, version, bpm, genre, key, or year.
• Expanded support for international languages.
• Fixed freezing issue that could occur when downloading very large crates of 100+ songs.
• Improved installer: internet connection no longer required.
• Improved compatibility with macOS Yosemite.
• Various other improvements to ensure a smooth download experience.

Download the updated DJcity desktop app here.

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Updated and Redesigned DJcity Website Available Now

The New DJcity

DJcity has launched an updated and redesigned website with new and improved features. In addition to a new sleek and modern design, the site offers powerful search filters, an advanced recommendation engine, and custom playlists designed to make music discovery simple and efficient.

The website redesign enhances the functionality of the DJcity desktop app with easy single-page access to download, crate, and send songs directly to the app for batch downloading. The improved search engine adds the ability to search for genres, charts, and more to help users find and download what they need quickly.

Key features and improvements:

• Download tracks while browsing without opening a new page.
• Ratings and comments no longer required.
• New persistent preview player features: songs continue playing as you browse the site and waveforms.
• New option to refine search results to exact matches only.
• Simplified filter and sorting capabilities, with new one-click genre filters.
• New filter by key functionality.
• New remixer pages to find all songs from a single remixer.
• Streamlined navigation of new releases, most popular, exclusives, playlists, and more.
• Logins are now persistent across multiple browsing sessions.
• New user account page: update credit card, view billing invoices, cancel subscription.
• Users can now view download history.

Check out the new DJcity website here.

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Instagram To Pay Content Creators Via ‘Badges’ Program and Ad Revenue

DJ Louis XIV. (Source: Vanity Fair)

As of June 2020, Instagram will finally financially reward content creators using Instagram Live as a creative and broadcast portal. Via both the rollout of 10-15 second ads in Instagram Live, as well as new program, “Instagram Badges,” creatives will be rewarded for live fan engagement. Instagram’s updates were announced on May 27 via a blog post.

Created, in part, due to a 70% increase in Instagram Live usage at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program — similar to incentivization programs used by online broadcaster Twitch — ultimately allows for creatives to earn revenue via their tune-in fanbase “tipping” during creators’ live videos. As well, the platform will engage in ads that will play at the start of each user’s active engagement. The revenue from these ads will be paid at 55% to the creator, and 45% to Instagram. There is no word, as yet, regarding how long a user must be engaged with the live stream for the revenue to be paid.

Many would presume that the spike in online DJ and music sets, including, but not limited to, the likes of D-Nice and the Verzuz concept would have a significant role to play in the development of this revenue concept. In the month and a half between D-Nice’s March 22 DJ set (which peaked at 150,000 users) to Jill Scott and Erykah Badu’s May 9 Verzuz battle (where 750,000 users tuned in), Instagram Live engagement with well-advertised musical events grew 400%. Unless paid for by a third-party sponsor, these are events that are occurring for free.

Four Color Zack (and others) have adapted to online DJ sets. Moreover, there is potential that festivals like Coachella will either be rescheduled entirely or be streaming-only events. Instagram making a financial play to help content creators and brands having to adjust live-first activities to the current digital-only era makes sense.

Recently, DJs broadcasting live on Instagram had their sets flagged for copyright violations. As of May 28, DJs have been advised to play 90-second clips of music. Furthermore, they have reminded users that “people also have access to a library of custom music and sound effects at no cost using [parent company] Facebook’s Sound Collection.”

Badges will begin testing next month with a small group of creators and businesses. Over the coming months, it will expand across the US, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Mexico. Instagram asks content creators wanting to be considered for Badges access to fill out this form.

Within the past month, numerous updates to Instagram’s relationship with the DJ community have occurred. This is likely the first of many updates on a creative and financial level between the portal and the creative community.

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Pioneer DJ Releases rekordbox 6.0.1 With Beatsource LINK Integration

After weeks in beta, Pioneer DJ has released the official version of rekordbox 6.0.1. The latest update to their popular DJing software includes support for the open-format music streaming service Beatsource LINK.

When using rekordbox’s Performance Mode, DJs can access Beatsource LINK’s music library, including curated playlists and charts, and mix them with the songs in their rekordbox library. Beatsource LINK PRO subscribers can store up to 50 tracks in an offline locker within rekordbox, and Beatsource LINK PRO+ subscribers are able to store up to 100 tracks.

Version 6.0.1 also includes such upgrades as an enhanced music analysis algorithm and Cloud Library Sync, which allows rekordbox users who subscribe to its Creative Plan to sync playlists across devices.

Download rekordbox 6.0.1 here and sign up for Beatsource LINK here.

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Updated DJcity Mobile App Available Now

The DJcity mobile app has been updated with new and improved features. In addition to a streamlined user interface, the app also offers an enhanced download experience when paired with the DJcity desktop app.

Key features and improvements:

– Track ratings no longer required
– Streamlined navigation
– New track updates list
– New searchable tags list
– Expanded track details screen with remixer lists, more info, tags, and related tracks
– Enhanced download experience when paired with the DJcity Desktop App – improved crating functionality, plus new crate bypass feature to directly download songs to your computer.

Download the DJcity mobile app here, and watch Mojaxx’s walkthrough above.

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Official Dubai DJcity Linkup *Reminder*

The official Dubai DJcity Linkup is taking place next Wednesday 16th October from 4pm to 6pm at Hall 4, Dubai World Trade Centre. This time we have teamed up with Sample Music Festival to deliver an interactive networking event.

The DJcity Linkup is a FREE event.

To RSVP and for more information on the event visit HERE.

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DJcity Teams With Serato for Serato Studio Workshop Series, ‘DJs Make Beats’

DJs Make Beats workshop

DJs Make Beats workshop
Source: Serato

DJcity has teamed up with Serato to host a series of Serato Studio workshops called DJs Make Beats. The workshops will teach DJs how to quickly transform their ideas into beats using Serato’s beat making software, Serato Studio.

The workshops will take place in five cities across the West Coast of North America during October. Check out the schedule below. Space is limited; RSVP is required.

October 7
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Fortune Sound Club
Register now

Las Vegas
October 24
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Park on Fremont
Register now

Los Angeles (Hollywood)
October 27
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Ruby Theater
Register now

October 28
6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
YR Media
Register now

Los Angeles (West LA)
October 29
7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Scratch DJ Academy
Register now

Download a free trial of Serato Studio here.

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DJcity Launches Desktop App for Batch Downloads

DJcity desktop app

DJcity desktop app

DJcity has launched a new desktop application to enhance the functionality of the Crate feature, which enables batch downloads.

Key features:

– Ability to batch download all of the tracks in your Crate
– Initiate downloads remotely from the DJcity mobile app or another computer
– The desktop app runs silently in the background

We recommend installing the DJcity desktop app on the laptop that you DJ with (on the computer where your DVS software is installed).

Download the DJcity desktop app here, and watch our introductory video and Mojaxx‘s walkthrough video below.

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Last Chance to RSVP for the DJcity UK Linkup

We have joined forces again with BEATGEEK for an exclusive DJ, producer, and brand event. The official DJcity UK Linkup is taking place this Sunday 29th September from 3pm to 6pm at Aures London, 18 Leake Street, Lambeth, SE1 7NN.

The DJcity UK Linkup is a FREE event.

RSVP if you would like to attend the Official DJcity UK Linkup 2019 HERE.

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