Updated and Redesigned DJcity Website Available Now

The New DJcity

DJcity has launched an updated and redesigned website with new and improved features. In addition to a new sleek and modern design, the site offers powerful search filters, an advanced recommendation engine, and custom playlists designed to make music discovery simple and efficient.

The website redesign enhances the functionality of the DJcity desktop app with easy single-page access to download, crate, and send songs directly to the app for batch downloading. The improved search engine adds the ability to search for genres, charts, and more to help users find and download what they need quickly.

Key features and improvements:

• Download tracks while browsing without opening a new page.
• Ratings and comments no longer required.
• New persistent preview player features: songs continue playing as you browse the site and waveforms.
• New option to refine search results to exact matches only.
• Simplified filter and sorting capabilities, with new one-click genre filters.
• New filter by key functionality.
• New remixer pages to find all songs from a single remixer.
• Streamlined navigation of new releases, most popular, exclusives, playlists, and more.
• Logins are now persistent across multiple browsing sessions.
• New user account page: update credit card, view billing invoices, cancel subscription.
• Users can now view download history.

Watch Mojaxx’s walkthrough below and check out the new DJcity website here.

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