Beatsource LINK für Serato DJ verfügbar

Beatsource LINK Is Now Available in Serato DJ
(Source: Beatsource)

Beatsource LINK ist der Streaming Service für Open-Format DJs und ab sofort für Serato DJ verfügbar. Die Integration kommt mit dem Update auf Serato DJ Pro 2.4 und Lite 1.4, die Montag erschienen ist.

Das seit Mai erhältliche Beatsource LINK ermöglicht es DJs Tracks aus der Beatsource Bibliothek, die unter anderem tausende vorsortierte Playlisten enthält, direkt in ihrer DJ Software abzuspielen.

A-Trak, DJ / Producer und Beatsource Member, sagt:

“It’s inevitable that DJs will need access to the massive streaming libraries of songs for their DJ sets. The important thing is to not force DJs to change the equipment or software that they use. That’s why Beatsource’s integration into Serato is so important. Also, what impressed me the most was the ability to create playlists on the Beatsource site as you’re searching for music and having them sync up to your Serato.”

Brian “DJ Quickie” Wong, Präsident von Beatsource, fügt hinzu:

“Lead by Serato in the early 2000’s, the transition from vinyl to digital changed DJing forever. Trailblazers like A-Trak, DJ AM, and Jazzy Jeff opened our minds to what Serato’s technology could allow us to do. Today, over 15 years later, we are living in a moment that will again change DJing forever. DJs no longer need to shop for, purchase, and store their music. Instead, DJs will simply access the Beatsource DJ library, which will be available instantly and everywhere with Serato, and the value will be in each DJs curation and knowledge of their personal playlists and crates. DJs will no longer be limited by what they can own and store, but rather by what they can do with their musical creativity. This opens up a world of imagination for the next generation of DJs, and I can’t wait to see what they do with our technology.”

Beatport LINK basiert auf derselben Technologie wie Beatsource LINK, welches ebenfalls mit Serato DJ Pro 2.4 und Lite 2.4 verfügbar ist.

Testet Beatsource LINK kostenlos hier und ladet Serato DJ hier.

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