Mojaxx Reviews The Mastersounds Clarity A Audio System

MasterSounds announces the launch of Clarity A, the next generation of its Clarity audio system, building upon its predecessor’s minimalist design, manufacturing partner TPI’s military-grade heritage, and MasterSounds’ design style. MasterSounds’ founder Ryan Shaw adds, “Clarity A is the secret that we are so excited to have finally released. When we listened to what the final product had to offer, it was an indescribably proud moment. Looking at the smiles around the MasterSounds test room, I knew we had created something truly special.”

The two Cube:6 loudspeakers and Sub:8 subwoofer run as an active system, and by adding your DJ mixer, pre-amplifier, or DAC to the inputs on the Sub:8, plug and play fidelity are available, out of the box, anywhere in the world.

Mojaxx brings us his full review in this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks. Watch above.

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