Get Five Record Pools for the Price of One With DJcity’s New Global Music Page

Get Five Record Pools for the Price of One With DJcity's New Global Music Page

Here at DJcity, we always strive to provide our customers with great value and the highest quality of content. We are proud to announce our new Global Music Page, which highlights our extensive catalog of tracks from around the world. Our users will now be able to easily browse music from each region and use our powerful search filters to sort by BPM, Key, Popularity, Release Date, and Version Type. All of our regional record pools include Clean, Dirty, Intro, Instrumental, Acapella versions, and more.

Other record pools make users pay separate fees to access different content like Latin music, but at DJcity, all of our content is already included in your subscription. A single subscription with DJcity includes full access to all five DJcity record pools for the price of one, including DJcity, DJcity UK, DJcity Latino, DJcity Japan, DJcity DE, and more to come, like our new South Asian catalog.

Watch Mojaxx’s walkthrough below and expand your crates with music from around the world with our new DJcity Global Music Page.

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