New DJcity Pricing Plans Now Available

New DJcity Pricing Plans Now Available

Here at DJcity, customer satisfaction is crucial, and therefore we always take input and feedback from our customers and DJ community very seriously. Due to popular demand, DJcity has added two new affordable and flexible subscription plans to our record pool.

New features and plan details:

We have added an affordable one-month plan for just $30 a month.

Our best value six-month plan for $150 is also now available. When this plan is selected users get one month for free by saving $30.

New users can now try our record pool for just $10 for the first month.

Our previous three-month plan for $90 is no longer available to new users. Existing users are grandfathered in and can choose to remain in this plan.

Users can now change or cancel plans at any time by navigating to the billing page. The change plan feature is currently only available for subscribers paying with a credit card. Subscribers paying with PayPal can contact us to change plans.

DJcity provides the greatest value compared to other record pools. A single subscription with DJcity includes full access to all five DJcity record pools for the price of one, including DJcity, DJcity UK, DJcity Latino, DJcity Japan, DJcity DE, and more to come, like our new South Asian catalog.

Our new Global Music Page highlights our extensive catalog of tracks from around the world. Our users are now able to easily browse music from each region and use our powerful search filters to sort by BPM, Key, Popularity, Release Date, and Version Type. All of our regional record pools include Clean, Dirty, Intro, Instrumental, Acapella versions, and more.

Watch Mojaxx’s detailed walkthrough below and join the record pool for the world’s best DJs.

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