How To Setup and Balance The Tonearms On Your DJ Turntables

Setting up and calibrating the tonearms on your DJ turntables correctly is very important, if you want to get the best performance from your decks – and avoid damaging your needles and records. On the new episode of “Beatsource Basics”, Mojaxx talks you through the whole setup process. Watch above.

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All That Glitters? Chrome Caps Review

Chroma Caps, a line of replacement knobs and fader caps from DJ TechTools, has been around for a decade now and has cultivated a strong following in that time. The latest addition to the range, Chrome Caps, features a new metallic style shiny finish, allowing you to add a touch of bling to any DJ hardware. Watch Mojaxx‘s review in this episode of Beatsource Tech.

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Engine DJ 2.2.0 – The Mixstream Pro Levels Up!

The new version of Engine DJ, 2.2.0, has arrived, and with it comes a number of updates and bug fixes for both the desktop software and hardware OS. But it also includes a couple of big new features for the Numark Mixstream Pro in particular, with new FX controls and support for Virtual DJ. Mojaxx takes a look on the new episode of “Beatsource Tech”.

Numark NS4FX Review: Pro Performance at a Mid-Range Price?

The earlier controllers in Numark‘s NS series, the NS7 and NS6, were renowned as real workhorse devices for professional DJs. With the NS4FX, are the company continuing that legacy, or going in a new direction? Mojaxx gives us his full review on the new episode of “Beatsource Tech.”

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‘Download All’ Feature Now Available

'Download All' Feature Now Available

'Download All' Feature Now Available

At DJcity, we are always listening to our subscribers and working on new features to help them get the most from our service. We are delighted to satisfy one of the most common requests that we have received over the years, to be able to download all versions of one track in one go.

Previously, you had to add versions to your crate or send them to the desktop app one at a time. You will now find buttons to add all versions at once. These are located on the individual track pages and can also be accessed as you browse the website.

You can add the tracks to your crate to download later or send them straight to the DJcity desktop app with just one click.

Watch Mojaxx’s detailed walkthrough below and head over to to try out the new “Download All” feature for yourself.

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Things We Miss About Vintage DJ Mixers

Modern DJ kit offers performance and functions which could only be dreamt of back in the day. But there are some features on older gear which have disappeared in recent years, a few of which we think deserve to be revived. On the new episode of Beatsource Tech, Mojaxx talks about the things we miss about vintage DJ mixers. Watch above.

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