Mojaxx Reviews TableBeats 3.0 Scratch Looper App


Turntablist practice app TableBeats has released version 3.0 of their scratch looper program. The free iOS app includes over 3,000 loops from hundreds of producers, with new content added regularly. Features of TableBeats 3.0 include pitch adjustment, shuffle mode, and more.

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx talks about why he thinks the TableBeats app is the biggest bargain in turntablism.

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The Best Places to Buy Scratch Records

Fresh Press

Over the past year, Battle Avenue director Antriks has explored some of the best places for turntablists to find vinyl. On this episode of DJcityTV’s Fresh Press, he shares some of his favorite record shops that cater to scratch DJs.

When shopping for scratch records, Antriks prefers to buy from independent global retailers, local shops, or directly from the record label. Listed below are some of his favorites.

Independent Global Retailers

Record Labels:

Local Shops:

Watch the episode above.

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Antriks Reviews DJ Packo’s Scratch Record, ‘Tax Breaks’

Fresh Press 6

Battle Avenue director Antriks is back with a new episode of DJcityTV’s Fresh Press. In this episode, Antriks meets up with the Battle Avenue Honolulu chapter to review DJ Packo‘s seven-inch scratch record, Tax Breaks.

Packo, who also works as an accountant, has compiled 15 money-themed skipless scratch sentences and one skipless drum break for the record. Tax Breaks is available now from Skratchmore.

Watch the review above.

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Antriks Reviews His and SlopFunkDust’s Scratch Record, ‘Fresh Press’d’

Fresh Press'd

With the unpredictable travel schedules that come with DJing, some DJs use portable turntables for scratch sessions. Seven-inch scratch records are an essential part of their arsenal.

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Fresh Press, Battle Avenue director Antriks reviews his own seven-inch, Fresh Press’d. Released through At The Ave Records, Fresh Press’d features six skipless scratch sentences by Antriks and two beats by UK producer SlopFunkDust.

Watch above to see the review and learn how to win a copy of the record.

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Review: Print-It-Yourself Scratch Record by Bihari Designs

Tips and Tricks

On this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a look at a scratch record that you can design and print yourself.

The Ahhh Fresh “Print It Yourself” Picture Disc by Bihari Designs consists of the usual “ahhh” and “fresh” samples, but has the option to be customized with a logo or image of your choice.

Watch above.

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Watch DJ Nelson’s Portable Routine at the Eiffel Tower

DJ Nelson

From Strasbourg France, DJ Nelson is an open-format party rocker and 2011 DMC World Supremacy Champion. In his latest routine DJ Nelson stopped by the Eiffel Tower in Paris to drop his portable turntable routine with the Numark PT01. His Bose speaker for some strange reason, made a white noise this day but that didn’t stop him.

Watch his routine above.

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