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The Best Places to Buy Scratch Records

Fresh Press

Over the past year, Battle Avenue director Antriks has explored some of the best places for turntablists to find vinyl. On this episode of DJcityTV’s Fresh Press, he shares some of his favorite record shops that cater to scratch DJs.

When shopping for scratch records, Antriks prefers to buy from independent global retailers, local shops, or directly from the record label. Listed below are some of his favorites.

Independent Global Retailers

Record Labels:

Local Shops:

Watch the episode above.

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Antriks Reviews DJ Woody’s Scratch Record, ‘Scratch Sounds No. 1’

Fresh Press

Battle Avenue director Antriks is back with a new episode of DJcityTV’s Fresh Press. This time around, he reviews DJ Woody‘s vintage-style scratch record, Scratch Sounds No. 1.

Woody worked with a team of musicians to produce the scratch sentences on the record, which were recorded live. It was released through his label, Woodwurk Records, and is available on both 12-inch and seven-inch vinyl.

Watch Antriks’ review above.

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Antriks Reviews Dusty Donuts’ Seven-Inch Vinyl

Dusty Donuts

After a brief hiatus, Battle Avenue director Antriks is back with a new episode of DJcityTV’s Fresh Press. On this episode, he travels to Germany to dig through the back catalog of Berlin-based label, Dusty Donuts.

The label specializes in reworks of classic hip-hop and funk pressed on seven-inch vinyl. The analog purists at Dusty Donuts also run a booking agency focused on vinyl-only DJs.

Watch the review above and check out Dusty Donuts’ releases here.

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Antriks and DJ Excess Review Thud Rumble’s Digital Breaks

Fresh Press

DJ QBert is one of the pioneers of break records, and lately, his Thud Rumble company has been releasing digital versions of some of his classics.

On this episode of Fresh Press, Battle Ave’s Antriks and DJ Excess connect at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City to put two of Thud Rumble’s latest releases to the test: QBert’s “All-Star Dirtstyle Battle Rebels” and DJ Happee’s “2nd Hand Smoke Breaks: Extended Edition.”

Watch above and check out all of Thud Rumble’s digital records here.

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DJcity and Battle Ave. to Host Portablism Session in Spain

DJ Excess

DJ Excess
DJ Excess at Mega DJ Center in Houston. (Photo source: Battle Ave.)

DJ Excess, a member of the legendary Ned Hoddings crew, is currently touring to promote his new seven-inch break record, Killable Syllables. The release is a collaboration between Battle Avenue and French portablism company, Mixfader.

The tour will make stops in USA and Europe, with each event featuring a performance from Excess and private “Portable Meet.” Portable Meet is a new event and video series that brings together DJs for unique scratch sessions.

The meet in Madrid, Spain, which is supported by DJcity and Skratcher, will be open to the public. It will take place at Parque del Retiro on May 3 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Current tour schedule:

April 23: Houston at Mega DJ Center
April 28: Paris at Mixfader headquarters with DJ Stresh, Ugly Mac Beer, Nixon, and more
April 29: Paris at Candy Shop with DJ R-Ash
April 30: Brighton, England at Dead Wax Social with Skratch Lordz and Cut2Cut
May 3: Madrid, Spain with DJcity and Skratcher
May 6: Mannheim, Germany at Scratch Buffet with DJ Jazzy Jeff and R.A. the Rugged Man
May 20: Oakland, California

Here’s an example of what the Portable Meets are like:

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Mister Remix Scratches With DJcity and Battle Ave’s ‘Cut2Cut’ Sentence

Mister Remix

DJcity and Battle Ave have teamed up for a new monthly series called Cut2Cut. The series provides DJs with scratch sentences and other tools.

The first release, “Phrase Delay Cuts,” was produced by Houston’s Mister Remix.

Watch above to see him get busy with the sentence and download it on DJcity.

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Manwell Performs on Battle Ave and DJcity’s ‘At the Ave Tour’

DJ Manwell

DJ Manwell, a three-time DMC Los Angeles champion, throws down a five-minute routine in the latest visual from Battle Ave and DJcity’s At the Ave Tour. The video is a seamless combination of footage from Manwell’s performances in Houston and Phoenix, which took place last July.

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Mister Remix and Rockwell Scratch With KidCutUp’s ‘Podcast Battle Breaks’

Mister Remix

Dstrukt​ Performs the Same Routine in Three Different Cities


This video features Dstrukt​, a former DMC and Thre3style competitor, performing the same routine in three different cities. The footage was filmed at Coolin Out in Phoenix, Mega DJ Center in Houston, and Mile High DJ Supply in Denver during Battle Ave and DJcity’s At the Ave Tour.

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Watch Ichy the Killer and Bakon One Scratch with the New Mixars DUO Mixer

Ichy the Killer and Bakon One

Earlier this month, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx provided an in-depth review of the new Mixars DUO mixer. Today, DJcityTV has returned with a video of Battle Ave‘s Ichy the Killer and Bakon One​ putting the DUO to the test. Both DJs are experienced turntablists, with Ichy having won the DMC San Francisco Championship in 2014.

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