Antriks Reviews His and SlopFunkDust’s Scratch Record, ‘Fresh Press’d’

Fresh Press'd

With the unpredictable travel schedules that come with DJing, some DJs use portable turntables for scratch sessions. Seven-inch scratch records are an essential part of their arsenal.

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Fresh Press, Battle Avenue director Antriks reviews his own seven-inch, Fresh Press’d. Released through At The Ave Records, Fresh Press’d features six skipless scratch sentences by Antriks and two beats by UK producer SlopFunkDust.

Watch above to see the review and learn how to win a copy of the record.

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Review: Print-It-Yourself Scratch Record by Bihari Designs

Tips and Tricks

On this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a look at a scratch record that you can design and print yourself.

The Ahhh Fresh “Print It Yourself” Picture Disc by Bihari Designs consists of the usual “ahhh” and “fresh” samples, but has the option to be customized with a logo or image of your choice.

Watch above.

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Watch DJ Nelson’s Portable Routine at the Eiffel Tower

DJ Nelson

From Strasbourg France, DJ Nelson is an open-format party rocker and 2011 DMC World Supremacy Champion. In his latest routine DJ Nelson stopped by the Eiffel Tower in Paris to drop his portable turntable routine with the Numark PT01. His Bose speaker for some strange reason, made a white noise this day but that didn’t stop him.

Watch his routine above.

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Watch: DJ Brace Throws Down With a Tribe From Belize

DJ Brace

In 2017, DJ Brace traveled to China to explore its culture. The former DMC Online champ recorded sounds from the cities he visited and made beats out of them. He then filmed himself scratching over the instrumentals.

Continuing his Culture Cuts series, Brace recently traveled to Panama. There, he met with members of the Garifuna tribe from Belize, sampled them playing guitars and percussion, and composed a beat with the sounds. The next day, he led a performance with them in the jungle at the Tribal Gathering festival.

Watch the colorful video above.

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Print Your Own Custom Scratch Vinyl


Hungarian product designer Bihari has made a name for himself in the portablism scene with aftermarket tonearms and other mods for Numark’s PT01 turntables.

Now he’s released his latest innovation, the Ahhh Fresh “Print It Yourself” Picture Disc, the world’s first self-adhesive scratch vinyl. DJs can print out an image of their choice and adhere it to a clear, no skip seven-inch record, which contains the classic “ahhh” and “fresh” samples.

The record is available now from Bihari’s website for $18, with discounts for higher quantities.

Watch the demo video above.

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DJ Bag Review: Jetpack Slim and Jetpack Cut

Tips and Tricks

It’s been nearly two years since Mojaxx last reviewed a Jetpack bag. However, today, he looks at two new offerings from the Jetpack range: one for those who like to travel light (the Slim) and one for portablists (the Cut).

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The Best New Portablism Gear of 2017?

The Latest Portablism Gear: 2017

2017 has been another big year for portablism, with advances in existing technology and the introduction of new products. As it comes to an end, Mojaxx takes a look at the best gear that was released in the second half of the year. His wrap-up includes a tone arm, platter, and two fader stands.

Products featured in this video:

Jesse Dean Designs – JDDPTA Portable Turntable Tone Arm Kit
SolidCutz – PT REV 01 and 02
MK Stands – Raidenfader RXI-2 Foot
Turntable Training Wax – Side Click

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Make Your Portablism Setup Louder With the Alesis TransActive Wireless 2 Speaker


After participating in a portablism jam session a while back, Mojaxx set out to find a way to make his setup louder. What he discovered was the Alesis TransActive Wireless 2, a rechargeable PA system that’s designed for on-the-go use.

Watch his review of the speaker on this week’s Tips and Tricks.

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Review: Scratch Toys Sound Plate for Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable

Tips and Tricks

Mojaxx has returned with another portablism review, this time looking at the Scratch Toys Sound Plate for the Numark PT01 Scratch.

The easy-to-install upgrade adds Bluetooth support, a micro SD port, and an FM tuner to the leading portable turntable on the market. “It transforms the Numark PT01 Scratch into a totally different device,” Mojaxx says. “I absolutely love this product.”

He also looks at DC 5V to DC 12V converter cables, which enable DJs to run their PT01 off of a UBS power bank.

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Easy Modifications for the Numark PT01 Turntable


Portablists are known for developing elaborate modifications for their turntables. However, there are companies that make more accessible solutions.

Hungary-based Bihari Designs is one of them. Their modifications for the Numark PT01 turntable can be fitted, without soldering, by anyone who can hold a screwdriver.

Mojaxx reviews their full range of products on this week’s Tips and Tricks episode. He also looks at a simple but effective platter stabilizer from Stokyo.

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