• Watch A-Trak’s ‘MikiDz Show’ Set

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    DJcity’s MikiDz Show episode with A-Trak was one of, if not the most, anticipated episodes of the live stream’s history. The legendary DJ/producer lived up the hype, delivering a captivating 45-minute set that spanned genres and eras. And, as promised before the show, A-Trak had some new tricks up his sleeve.

    The proceeding interview with hosts MikiWAR and DJ Dainjazone was just as engaging. A-Trak discussed a variety of topics, including the Goldie Awards and the backlash against Kanye West in the DJ community.

    Watch his set and interview below. An audio-only version is also available via iTunes and Spotify.

    A-Trak with hosts DJ Dainjazone and MikiWAR

    A-Trak with the audience

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  • A-Trak to Perform on DJcity’s ‘MikiDz Show’ Live Stream

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    DJcity’s MikiDz Show has featured some of the world’s most influential in DJs, including Jazzy Jeff, QBert, Z-Trip, and Craze. On Monday, Oct. 29, the show will add to that list with a performance from none other than A-Trak.

    Though many of his friends have appeared on the show, it will be A-Trak’s first performance. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re very excited to have him.

    The live stream will follow Monday’s world-class performance from Miles Medina, who won A-Trak’s inaugural Goldie Awards DJ Battle in 2017. (We’ll post the video of his set and interview this Thursday.)

    The MikiDz Show is hosted by MikiWAR and DJ Dainjazone and includes an opening set from DJ Rell. Watch it at 7 p.m. PT on DJcity’s Facebook page or website.

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    Download A-Trak’s latest single “DJs Gotta Dance More” feat. Todd Terry on DJcity.

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  • Watch A-Trak Make a Beat by Sampling Random Records

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    After over five years of Rhythm Roulette, Mass Appeal has finally featured A-Trak on an episode. The series challenges producers to make a beat by sampling three records that they randomly select while blindfolded.

    In the video, A-Trak stops by Good Records in New York City to get his vinyl. He then heads to the studio where he cooks up five different sounding beats with samples from all three records. The Montreal native shares some insightful production tips along the way.

    Watch Rhythm Roulette above.

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  • Watch A-Trak’s ‘DJs Gotta Dance More’ Video Feat. Todd Terry

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    A-Trak has shared a creative video for his single “DJs Gotta Dance More” featuring New York house legend, Todd Terry. The track, which was one of DJcity’s most downloaded songs of August, marks the first collaboration between A-Trak and Terry.

    “For the video, I wanted to reflect the quiet, intimate vibe of the song,” A-Trak said in a press release. My brother Dave (Chromeo) came up with the idea of doing an in-studio video, showing me and my co-producer Cory Enemy creating the track in real time, and Todd getting in the booth. It’s both a ‘making of’ video and a theatrical music video, shot 16mm film.”

    Watch the video above and download the track on DJcity.

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  • A-Trak Demonstrates Creative Way to Use Serato DJ Pro’s Slip Mode Feature

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    A-Trak is known for pushing the DJ culture forward by creating new ideas to use in his routines then sharing how he comes up with them. As he in November when he broke down how he constructed his “rockstarroutine.

    Today, the Fool’s Gold Chief has explained how he came up with a creative way to use Serato DJ Pro’s Slip Mode feature.

    Slip Mode is a tool that enables DJs to manipulate a track without losing its playback position.

    A-Trak uses the feature to integrate scratching into his mix while maintaining a continuous groove. He combines it with another idea he had in which he uses loops in his set instead of full tracks and what he achieves is a new way to perform a scratch routine.

    In the video, A-Trak discusses his thought process behind the idea. He then demonstrates the technique using Basement Jaxx‘s 1999 interlude, “Jazzalude.”

    Watch it above.

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  • A-Trak: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

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    A-Trak's must-have items
    Photo source: A-Trak

    A-Trak is one of the busiest DJs on the planet. From performing live and producing music to running his Fool’s Gold label, Days Off festival, and Goldie Awards, the Montreal native puts in a lot of miles. Given all of his experience, which includes serving as Kanye West‘s DJ in the mid-2000s, A-Trak has become an authority in the DJ community. People from around the world pay heed to his advice and opinions on the art of DJing, DJ technology, etc.

    Check out his must-have travel items below, and download his new single “Ride For Me” with Young Thug, Falcons, and 24hrs.

    Cocoon Grid-It! Organizer

    “This is my greatest discovery in recent years. I always want to have every imaginable cord or adaptor with me on the road. I’ve had so many emergencies. You’re overseas, and you suddenly need to boot one laptop in Target Mode from your other laptop. Or you forgot that your backup drive uses a different kind of port than what your new laptop has. Or you somehow need to use an ethernet jack. You need all these emergency cords, but how do you actually pack them? This Grid-It thing is the most zen-like order that I’ve ever had with my cords and adaptors.”

    Comme Des Garçons Travel Wallet

    “This Comme Des Garçons wallet has been my travel companion for a long time. It’s where I keep my frequent flier cards and any random reward program cards, and I can stick my passport in it when I don’t need it. I can even keep a few foreign currencies in it too. None of this needs to be in your regular wallet.”

    Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Face Mist

    “Airplanes are your skin’s worst enemy. Keeping up a few little habits can make a world of difference. No one wants to be told ‘you look tired,’ or feel their own skin turn into leather. I like this mist because hey, who doesn’t like Tibetan ginseng?”

    Fool’s Gold x Stokyo Needle Case

    “I used to carry the classic blue Shure needle case, but it’s kind of big. Then we made this smaller Fool’s Gold case with Stokyo. It’s way more portable. I also love how it has a little compartment where you can keep spare styli.”

    The Bag Within the Bag

    “I always carry-on, I’d say 98% percent of the time. It’s extremely rare that I check something in. So the bag I travel with is bigger, but that doesn’t mean I’ll bring that to my gigs. That’s where you need a bag within your bag. Going to gigs with only a tote bag has changed my life.”

    Follow A-Trak on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Twitter.

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  • A-Trak Discusses How Being a DJ Helps Him as a Producer

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    A-Trak at Holy Ship! 10.0. (Credit: Miranda McDonald Photography)

    Fresh off the release of his single “Ride For Me” featuring Young Thug and 24hrs, A-Trak sat down with the legendary Pensado’s Place show.

    Back in December, the Fool’s Gold chief got a chance to tell his story in a comprehensive interview with Complex’s Blueprint series. This time, A-Trak focused mostly on music production and how DJing has influenced his work in that realm.

    On how being a DJ and turntablist has helped him as a producer:

    “My DJing definitely informs my production. The obvious way to explain that is just like, DJs know what works well in the clubs. So there’s a bit of that, but even on a very, an almost unconscious level, some of the programming that I do, if I’m chopping up a sound, my friends will say that I make it sound like it’s a scratch. I don’t even realize it, but my ear is so accustomed to sound manipulation and certain patterns. … But the thing that’s been interesting for me in recent years is I feel I’ve learned how to produce my scratching. So there’s a lot of full circle things going on … .”

    On his limitations as a producer:

    “One of the great lessons for me as I went more into production was to accept my limitations. It’s hard, and I’m stubborn, and I like to know how to do everything, but there are certain things that I’m not as good at. And I definitely still believe that I’m a DJ who got into producing, who got into remixing, who got into running a label, all these other things. And when I was learning how to produce, at first I really wanted to do everything myself. … I would drive people crazy, and by the way, even now today I’m a month and a half late delivering a remix. Sometimes I’ve very late delivering things because I stubbornly wanna do it my way or [do it] myself. And again, I’m in my element when I’m DJing. When I’m producing, I’m still trying to get the ideas out of my head, and sometimes there’s roadblocks.”

    Watch the interview below.

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  • A-Trak Tells His Story in Comprehensive Interview

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    A-Trak at ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA / Oliver Scherillo

    A-Trak‘s gift behind the tables coupled with his ambitious and selfless personality has helped him transcend DJing. With his Fool’s Gold label and Day Off festival, the Montreal native has flourished into one of the most influential and respected figures in the music industry. And, after a prolific 20-year career, A-Trak continues to push forward with no end in sight.

    The Fool’s Gold chief recently got a chance to tell his inspiring story in a comprehensive interview for Complex’s Blueprint series (he’s the first DJ to be featured on the series). The 36-minute conversation covered most of his career and is full of valuable insights and lessons.

    Topics discussed include how working with Kanye West changed his life, launching Fool’s Gold, the rise of EDM, his Goldie Awards DJ battle, and why continually reinvents himself.

    On why he and Nick Catchdubs started Fool’s Gold:

    “The fact that we’re a DJ-run label was important because a lot of the early releases fell into this unclassifiable category of club music. We had a few rappers that were experimenting with electronic beats, which at the time was not the norm at all. So we had that, and we had electronic music that appealed to hip-hop heads. Nick and I knew that as DJs that all made sense and not only that, but that was the most exciting music at the time.”

    On the rise of EDM:

    “Ever since I was a kid scratching, it was so important for me for DJing to have legitimacy. And when EDM exploded in North America, we finally got it. Rather than getting hung up over, you know, some sides of it that maybe weren’t the version of DJing that I like or whatever else, my thing was like, ‘Hey, we finally got people’s eyeballs. This is the moment now. We got people’s attention. Everybody wants in on this.’ … DJ culture. That’s what the EDM really is. DJ culture conquered the world, and to me that was exciting.”

    On his financial standing:

    “I’ve never taken a salary from Fool’s Gold. This company is not how I make money. This company is how I get cool ideas out. I make my money being A-Trak. And occasionally that involves Duck Sauce or whatever else.”

    On being open-minded to different music:

    “I’m such a child of the DJ Premier era. I’m such a child of boom bap. And when keyboard beats started appearing, that sounded so wrong to me in the beginning. But [then] I realized that I was clinging on to one paradigm and that it’s wrong to do that in music, especially as a DJ.”

    On staying relevant:

    “In general, I will say that the entertainment business and music as a whole is designed to give people like myself, and anyone that makes music, a career normally of like five years. The challenge is longevity, and the way to overcome that challenge I think, or at least I’ve found, is this sort of constant reinvention. I always think of where the path is going and, you know, what I did before and what I’m about to do next. And that’s why none of the new elements that come into what I’m doing are ever too much off course because I know the story. I’m writing the story.”

    Watch the full conversation below.

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  • A-Trak Breaks Down His ‘rockstar’ Routine

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    After giving fans a look at how he produces, A-Trak has shared how he constructs a routine.

    In the 12-minute video, the Fool’s Gold chief breaks down his flip of Post Malone and 21 Savage‘s smash hit, “rockstar.” A-Trak talks through his ideas and works them out live on the tables. In the end, he performs his finished routine.

    “I wanted to share more than the final flips of these songs,” the Montreal native said in a Facebook post. “I wanted to start sharing the creative process, as I come up with the patterns and how the ideas come together.”

    Post Malone’s “rockstar” has remained atop Billboard’s Hot 100 for a fifth consecutive week. The track, which was certified double platinum on Tuesday, was DJcity’s 3rd most-downloaded song of September.

    Watch the video above.

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  • Watch A-Trak Flip Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s ‘All the Way Up’

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    A number of turntablists have flipped Fat Joe and Remy Ma‘s “All the Way Up” since it dropped in 2016, and now A-Trak has joined in the fun. He might be late to the party, but the Fool’s Gold chief’s version is one of the most creative we’ve seen yet.

    Watch above and grab “All the Way Up” on DJcity.

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