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Mojaxx Reviews Roland’s GO:MIXER

In this episode of Tips and TricksMojaxx discusses the Roland GO:MIXER, a high-quality audio interface for recording and streaming using smartphones.

The GO:MIXER has multiple inputs available, allowing a microphone, musical instruments, and media players to all be mixed live as you are creating content.

Watch Mojaxx’s review above.

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More Tips for Live Streaming DJ Sets

Eskei83 streams a DJ set on YouTube. (Source: Mojaxx)

With more and more DJs looking to tap into the power of live streaming, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx continues to provide Tips and Tricks to help them do just that.

Last week we recapped Mo’s earlier advice on how to live stream effectively. This episode builds off of that with new ways to get your online DJ sets crisp, clean, and ready to broadcast.

Watch this week’s episode below, along with a previous episode on live streaming DJ sets via phone.

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Barnaton and DJcity Launch ‘Tocame’ Remix Contest

Sak Noel

Sak Noel
Sak Noel performing at Sucia Bonita in Los Angeles. (Source: Facebook)

To celebrate the release of Sak Noel, Salvi, and Franklin Dam‘s Latin house single “Tocame,” Barnaton and DJcity have collaborated on a remix challenge. Aspiring producers have until April 24, 2020 for their chance to win a slot on the official “Tocame” remix pack.

To enter and receive stems for the remix, applicants must send an email to with their full name, stage moniker, age, and Instagram handle. Five winners will be selected via live stream to be a part of the official remix pack.

Tocame” has over four million views on YouTube and has been supported by DJs worldwide.

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D-Nice’s Instagram Live Set Goes Viral

D-Nice. (Source: Instagram)

With the nightlife scene essentially shut down during the coronavirus quarantine, many DJs have turned to broadcasting live sets on Instagram. One DJ – rapper-turned-mixer D-Nice – managed to rake in hundreds of thousands of viewers over the course of the week. During Saturday’s #ClubQuarantine set, D-Nice played for over 100,000 viewers simultaneously, including some high-profile celebrities. Among the viewers were Drake, DJ Khaled, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and many others.

D-Nice’s #HOMEschool series of streaming performances (which included Saturday night’s #ClubQuarantine set) highlights the power of the growing trend of live streaming. These sentiments were echoed in DJcity’s interview with notable DJs on how to prepare for the onset of the outbreak. Mojaxx’s series of live streaming tips and tricks may also come in handy for any DJ looking for a way to connect to fans during this era of social distancing.

It is unclear how long the coronavirus quarantine will affect the nightlife and live music industries. But as evident from D-Nice, Major Lazer, and DJ Premier to DJcity’s own streaming performance from Chris Villa, the quarantine offers a unique opportunity to engage with fans. Check out a snippet of one of D-Nice’s sets below and stay tuned for more on this growing trend.

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Mojaxx Offers ‘Tips and Tricks’ for Streaming DJ Sets

The coronavirus has led to an unprecedented worldwide quarantine, which for DJs, leaves a lot of time to digitally rock a crowd via live streaming.

DJcity’s own Mojaxx was ahead of the curve and prepared a tutorial series to ensure that your live-streamed DJ performance is entertaining, engaging, and hitch-free. In this Tips and Tricks series from 2017, the computers, webcams, software and streaming platforms that allow for the best streaming experience were discussed.

Watch above and stay tuned for new Tips and Tricks episodes on livestreaming coming soon.

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Serato’s Latest DJ Pro 2.3.3 Upgrade Integrates With Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-XZ System

Serato’s 2.3.3 integrated with Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-XZ (Source: Serato)

Serato‘s continued push into supporting the mobile and club DJ industry continues via its launch of the latest edition of Serato DJ Pro 2.3.3. With this update, Serato can officially integrate with Pioneer DJ‘s four-month-old all-in-one DJ system: the XDJ-XZ. The DJ software’s colored waveforms now appear on Pioneer’s seven-inch screen and CDJ-sized jog wheel displays. Furthermore, Serato DJ Pro support for the XDJ-XZ allows for four-deck mixing capabilities and other Serato specific software features to be enabled.

Serato Chief Strategy Officer Nick Maclaren says, “It’s super exciting to deliver official Serato support for the XDJ-XZ. This powerhouse has already proven to be immensely popular – the versatility of this all-in-one system means it could take center stage at house parties, mobile gigs, and professional club setups. We’re really looking forward to seeing what DJs can do with the XDJ-XZ when used with Serato DJ Pro.”

Download Serato 2.3.3 here and watch Mojaxx‘s full review below.

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