(Source: RANE)

RANE has announced their latest piece of gear, the SEVENTY A-TRAK SIGNATURE EDITION mixer. The collaboration with the legendary turntablist A-Trak features a silver finish, rotary knobs, special sound curve, and a brand-new Fader FX feature that turns the volume faders into controls for four different effects and four tone generators.

Watch Mojaxx‘s review below and check out RANE’s website for more details.

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RANE Announces Its First All-in-One Controller, the ONE

RANE ONE. (Source: Serato)

RANE has officially entered the controller market with the release of the ONE. Similar to the design of the TWELVE, the ONE aims to satisfy the needs of turntablists while providing the convenience of a portable, all-in-one piece of tech.

The ONE features motorized platters with 7.2-inch removable acrylic disks. The mixer section features an adjustable crossfader, allowing scratchers to fine-tune their experience. Each deck has eight RGB pads and includes the Scratch Bank feature recently added to Serato DJ Pro, which allows users to easily load scratch samples or full tracks to either deck.

In related news, Serato has announced their latest update, Serato DJ Pro 2.4.4. This update provides support for the RANE ONE and will be available on their website at 12 PM PST.

Watch Mojaxx’s full review of the RANE ONE controller below.

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Serato DJ Pro 2.3.8 Released, Includes Support for RANE TWELVE MKII and SEVENTY-TWO MKII

(Source: Serato)

Following RANE’s announcement earlier today of the upgraded TWELVE controller and SEVENTY-TWO mixer, Serato has released an update to Serato DJ Pro. Serato DJ Pro 2.3.8 includes support for the second generation of RANE’s flagship motorized controller and two-channel battle mixer.

Download Serato DJ Pro 2.3.8 here.

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RANE Revitalizes Its Flagship SEVENTY-TWO Mixer and TWELVE Controller

(Source: RANE)

RANE has just announced updated versions of their flagship products, the SEVENTY-TWO mixer and TWELVE motorized controller.

The SEVENTY-TWO MKII mixer has received a highly-requested “external crossfader tension adjust” which personalizes the crossfader to an individual DJ’s style. The faders themselves have been upgraded to the MAG FOUR design and dual DVS inputs have been added to the mixer, along with other features.

The TWELVE MKII controller has added platform controls for Traktor, Virtual DJ, and Serato DJ Pro. The controller includes an updated screen and interface, a redesigned, plunger-style “Start/Stop” button, and more.

Check out Rane’s website for more information and watch Mojaxx‘s first look below.

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inMusic Acquires Stanton From Gibson Brands

inMusic Stanton

inMusic Stanton
inMusic and Stanton Logos

Earlier today, inMusic announced the acquisition of Stanton from Gibson Brands, Inc., which adds the brand to their roster that includes Numark, RANE, and Denon DJ. Stanton has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of professional audio products for DJs and turntablists for over 70 years.

Stanton has a reputation for creating ground-breaking solutions for the DJ market, including Final Scratch (the industry’s first DVS solution), stereo cartridges designed for the working and performance DJ, and one of the first innovative standalone smart controllers.

Jack O’Donnell, CEO of inMusic, says:

“inMusic continually redefines the landscape for expressive DJ performance through unparalleled innovation and a dynamic response to the demands of its customers. With Stanton joining the home of the world’s premier music and audio technology brands, inMusic’s ground-breaking advancements in engineering, design and technology guarantees Stanton’s place at the forefront of this performance-driven industry, in the world’s true home of DJ.”

For more information about the acquisition, visit here.

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Rane SEVENTY Mixer Released, Officially Supported in Serato DJ Pro 2.3.4

Rane SEVENTY mixer. (Source: Serato)

Rane and Serato have announced that the SEVENTY mixer has been released and is officially supported in the latest version of Serato DJ Pro. The two-channel battle mixer unlocks Serato DJ Pro 2.3.4 along with Serato DVS. Its 16 RGB performance pads can be used to control a range of Serato DJ Pro pad modes and has configurable quick-access buttons for sync, silent cue, and more.

Serato Chief Strategy Officer Nick Maclaren says, “It’s an incredible new mixer with an impressive, refined feature set. It has such a wide variety of capabilities that are suited to so many different DJing styles. The fact it can unlock our latest version of Serato DJ Pro and well as Serato DVS is also a big plus. I can’t wait to see people using it online.”

Check out Rane’s website for more information on mixer availability and download Serato DJ Pro 2.3.4 here.

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