inMusic Acquires Stanton From Gibson Brands

inMusic Stanton

inMusic Stanton
inMusic and Stanton Logos

Earlier today, inMusic announced the acquisition of Stanton from Gibson Brands, Inc., which adds the brand to their roster that includes Numark, RANE, and Denon DJ. Stanton has been an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of professional audio products for DJs and turntablists for over 70 years.

Stanton has a reputation for creating ground-breaking solutions for the DJ market, including Final Scratch (the industry’s first DVS solution), stereo cartridges designed for the working and performance DJ, and one of the first innovative standalone smart controllers.

Jack O’Donnell, CEO of inMusic, says:

“inMusic continually redefines the landscape for expressive DJ performance through unparalleled innovation and a dynamic response to the demands of its customers. With Stanton joining the home of the world’s premier music and audio technology brands, inMusic’s ground-breaking advancements in engineering, design and technology guarantees Stanton’s place at the forefront of this performance-driven industry, in the world’s true home of DJ.”

For more information about the acquisition, visit here.

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Rane SEVENTY Mixer Released, Officially Supported in Serato DJ Pro 2.3.4

Rane SEVENTY mixer. (Source: Serato)

Rane and Serato have announced that the SEVENTY mixer has been released and is officially supported in the latest version of Serato DJ Pro. The two-channel battle mixer unlocks Serato DJ Pro 2.3.4 along with Serato DVS. Its 16 RGB performance pads can be used to control a range of Serato DJ Pro pad modes and has configurable quick-access buttons for sync, silent cue, and more.

Serato Chief Strategy Officer Nick Maclaren says, “It’s an incredible new mixer with an impressive, refined feature set. It has such a wide variety of capabilities that are suited to so many different DJing styles. The fact it can unlock our latest version of Serato DJ Pro and well as Serato DVS is also a big plus. I can’t wait to see people using it online.”

Check out Rane’s website for more information on mixer availability and download Serato DJ Pro 2.3.4 here.

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Mojaxx Reviews SolidCutz’s Rane SEVENTY-TWO Fader Upgrade

On this week’s episode of Tips and TricksMojaxx discusses replacing or upgrading the faders in the Rane SEVENTY-TWO battle mixer. He then takes a look at the FAD-R72 fader from German manufacturer SolidCutz.

Watch above.

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First Look: Rane SEVENTY Mixer

Rane SEVENTY Mixer

Earlier today, we featured a routine by Craze that showcased the new Rane SEVENTY mixer. On this episode of Tips and Tricks, DJcity’s tech guru Mojaxx takes a first look at the new 2-channel battle mixer.

The SEVENTY is the latest edition to Rane‘s solid steel, Serato battle-ready mixer series.

Watch above.

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Craze Drops Routine with New Rane SEVENTY Mixer

After a long hiatus from filming routines, Craze has delivered a performance showcasing the new Rane SEVENTY mixer. The world champion turntablist’s “Still Got It” routine makes fun of annoying requesters while demonstrating the capabilities of the two-channel battle mixer.

Watch the routine above and stay tuned for more info about the Rane SEVENTY.

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First Look: Rane SEVENTY-TWO Firmware 1.3 Beta


As with any modern digital DJ device, it’s important to keep up with firmware updates. On this episode of Tips and Tricks, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx takes a quick look at the beta firmware update for Rane’s SEVENTY-TWO mixer. The update was recently released in conjunction with the public beta of Serato DJ Pro 2.1.

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