How to Redrum With Roland’s DJ-808

Turntable Techniques

On this episode of DJcityTV and Beat Refinery​’s Turntable Techniques, Trayze​ explains how to do live redrums with Roland’s DJ-808 controller using its TR-S drum machine and sounds. The technique can be used to beef up sections of tracks that don’t have drums (e.g.: the breakdown).

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How to Use Pitch ‘n Time’s Key Sync Feature

Turntable Techniques

Serato DJ’s Pitch ‘n Time plugin enables DJs to shift and sync the key of a track. It improves your ability to mix harmonically, helping to make your blends and transitions sound cleaner.

On this episode of Turntable Techniques, Beat Refinery instructor and 2016 Red Bull 3style U.S. Champion Trayze breaks down how to use Pitch ‘n Time’s key sync feature.

Watch the tutorial above.

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Trayze Performs With Roland and Serato’s DJ-808 Controller, Part 2


This year’s Red Bull Thre3style US Champion Trayze has returned with part two of his demo of Roland and Serato’s DJ-808 controller. The Washington, D.C. native originally performed the routine on “909 Day” in September, a 24-hour live stream hosted by Roland and Serato.


1. AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It – DJ Snake Remix
2. Cajmere – Percolator – Zagam 2K14 Remix – Trayze 909 Day Edit
3. Inner City – Good Life – Matt Smallwood Remix
4. AlunaGeorge – I’m In Control – Matthew Law & Jabair Remix – Trayze 909 Day Edit
5. Stevie Nicks – Stand Back – Trayze 909 Day Live Remix

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Trayze Performs With Roland and Serato’s DJ-808 Controller, Part 1


In September, Roland and Serato unveiled their new DJ-808 controller during a special 24-hour live stream event. To showcase the device, the companies called on Red Bull Thre3style US Champion Trayze to throw down a set.

Thankfully, those who missed the stream can watch Trayze perform the same routine in a new video filmed at Serato’s New York studio. Check it out above and stay tuned for part two.


1. Eddie Kendricks – Day By Day
2. Lil Wayne – Let The Beat Build
3. Lil Wayne ft. Mannie Fresh – Go DJ
4. Mssingno – XE3 (Wheathin Turn)
5. Bassnectar ft. Mighty High Coup – The 808 Track
6. Clipse ft. Kelis & Pharrell – When the Last Time
7. Tropkillaz & Buku – Follow The Beat – Trayze 909 Day Edit
8. Faith Evans – Love Like This
9. Beyonce ft. Sean Paul – Baby Boy – Trayze 909 Day Edit
10. AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It – DJ Snake Remix

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Trayze: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag


Trayze competes at the Red Bull Thre3style US Finals in Philadelphia on Aug. 11, 2016. (Tim Blackwell)

If you follow the Red Bull Thre3style DJ competition, you’ve most likely heard of Trayze. The Washington, D.C. native is this year’s US champ and was a wild card finalist in the 2014 world championship. He’s also an instructor at the Beat Refinery DJ and production school, which has partnered with DJcityTV for a series called Turntable Techniques. And when Trayze isn’t competing in battles or teaching folks how to use Ableton Live, he can be found rocking clubs around the US. Below are five must-have items that he always carries in his DJ bag.


SubPac M2 wearable subwoofer

“This may be my favorite piece of mobile studio gear. Paired with my Ultimate Ears UE-7 in-ear monitors, it’s the most incredible listening experience ever. It’s battery-powered and wireless with Bluetooth!”

Lucky stones

“I carry small pieces of jade, turquoise, and moonstone. They’re gifts from my wife; you never know when you’ll need energy or extra good luck!”

Huawei E5770 mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

“The E5770 provides LTE speed anywhere in the world. It works with all SIM card sizes, and I can charge my iPhone with it for like five times. It supports 10 devices at once!”

Colgate Wisp mini-toothbrushes

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brushed my teeth in the back of an Uber. Maybe my wife is trying to tell me something…”

OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock

“Since I travel with a pretty small laptop, it’s essential that I have more USB ports and other inputs and outputs, especially if I want to use HID mode with CDJs or use multiple MIDI controllers. It has video in/out and a sound card!”


Follow Trayze on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Using the ‘Silent Cue Point Start’ Technique in Serato DJ

DJcityTV and Beat Refinery have returned with a new episode of Turntable Techniques, this time focusing on the “silent cue point start” in Serato DJ. The technique enables DJs to keep their crossfaders and upfaders open while mixing in new tracks. It is essential for certain kinds of routines, especially those that require DJs to have both hands on one deck. Watch above to see instructor DJ Trayze, a former Red Bull Thre3style USA finalist, demonstrate the technique with two examples.

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