Serato DJ

Using the ‘Silent Cue Point Start’ Technique in Serato DJ

DJcityTV and Beat Refinery have returned with a new episode of Turntable Techniques, this time focusing on the “silent cue point start” in Serato DJ. The technique enables DJs to keep their crossfaders and upfaders open while mixing in new tracks. It is essential for certain kinds of routines, especially those that require DJs to have both hands on one deck. Watch above to see instructor DJ Trayze, a former Red Bull Thre3style USA finalist, demonstrate the technique with two examples.

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MIDI Mapping Pitched Cue Points in Serato DJ

Denon DJ’s MCX8000 controller has a new feature called “Pitch Play,” which enables DJs to play pitched cue points as they would with notes on a keyboard. While the feature is currently only available on the 8000, German inventor Radikarl has made a MIDI mapping for Serato DJ that brings similar functionality to other hardware, like Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S9.

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