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DJ Stonic’s Latest ‘Scratchflix’ Episode Parodies ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’

Reigning Red Bull 3Style Italy champion Stonic has called upon an impressive lineup of turntablists for the latest episode of his Netflix parody series Scratchflix. The “Scratch Mirror: Banderscratch” episode puts a choose-your-own adventure style spin on a traditional scratch cypher.

Stonic is joined by Damianito, DJ Delta, Dj D_MiND, Kut Real, SupaMario, DJ Bolla, DJ Kamo, DJ YANEZ, and Zio.n. At the end of the first video, viewers can make a choice: clicking the link to one of the following videos takes you to either the next DJ’s routine or to a “game over” page where you have the option to start over.

Start the interactive game by watching the video above.

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Watch: ‘Caribbean Mixshow’ Edition of ’20 Minutes with DJ Delta’

Italian turntablist DJ Delta‘s 20 Minutes with DJ Delta mix show returns with an episode featuring dancehall, Afrobeats, and dembow. The set highlights the 2016 Red Bull Music 3Style Italy champion‘s talents in scratching, tone play, and beat juggling.

Watch above.

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Watch: DJ Delta Flips ‘ZEZE’ and ‘In My Feelings’ in Tone Play Tutorial

Super Hero DJs DJ Delta

The Super Hero DJs online school is back with a tone play tutorial from DJ Delta. In the video, the 2016 Red Bull Music 3Style Italy champion flips the melody of Kodak Black‘s “ZEZE” to transition into Drake‘s “In My Feelings.”

Super Hero DJs offers multilingual lessons from world-class DJs, including former 3Style and DMC champs like Trayze, Hedspin, Fong Fong, JFB, and 69Beats.

Watch a preview of DJ Delta’s tutorial above and sign up to watch the full video. (Use coupon code “djcity” for a 25% discount.)

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DJ Delta and Damianito Perform Turntablism Routine With Sage the Gemini’s ‘Now and Later’

DJ Delta and Damianito

DJ Delta, the 2016 Red Bull Thre3style Italy Champion, and Damianito, DJcity’s Italy Representative, perform a turntablism routine with Sage the Gemini‘s single, “Now and Later.”

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