• Shure Discontinues All Phono Products

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    On what will be a sad day for many DJs, Shure has announced that they are ceasing production of their entire range of phono cartridges and styli this summer.

    From the company’s statement:

    “For more than 90 years, Shure has been committed to manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality, reliability, and value. This commitment requires consistency in materials, processes, and testing, as well the capacity to react to fluctuations in demand.

    In recent years, the ability to maintain our exacting standards in the Phonograph Cartridge product category has been challenged, resulting in cost and delivery impacts that are inconsistent with the Shure brand promise.

    In light of these conditions, and after thorough evaluation, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue production of Shure Phono products effective Summer 2018.”

    Shure’s decision means that supplies of their turntablist-beloved M44-7 cartridges and replacement styli should start to dry up soon. If you have a lot invested in the company’s range of cartridges, it’s probably worth picking up a few replacement needles soon, as prices are likely to rise as stocks dwindle.

    It isn’t the end of the road for turntable DJs, however. A review of Ortofon’s new Concorde Mk2 range is coming soon to DJcityTV, and the new Phase system will be released in September.

    Read Shure’s full statement here.

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  • DJ TechTools Expands Its Chroma Range to Audio Cables

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    DJ TechTools’ Chroma Cables have long been a popular choice for DJs who want reliable, high-performance cables for USB devices. Now, they’ve unveiled a new range of audio cables, the Performance Audio Series.

    Launching in three colors — neon orange, blue, and red — the range includes various connection types. There’s RCA to RCA, 1/4″ to 1/4,” and RCA to 1/4.”

    The cables are designed to have high visibility so that DJs can color code their connections. They have gold connectors and movable strain relief, enabling them to work with any setup. The cables also come with a velcro strap to help keep them tidy while traveling.

    After a successful onstage debut at Ultra Music Festival in March, the Performance Audio Series is now available on DJ TechTools’ website. Prices start at $25 per cable, with discounts for large orders.

    DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks host Mojaxx has been testing the cables in the DJcityUK lab for a while and will be sharing his review soon.

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  • Denon DJ’s MCX8000 Gets Engine Prime Software

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    Denon DJ MCX8000

    Denon DJ’s MCX8000 is both the company’s flagship Serato DJ controller and a standalone all-in-one device. It was a very capable unit on release, but some users were disappointed when Denon launched their Engine Prime software in 2017 to support their new Prime series hardware, and the MCX8000 wasn’t compatible with it.

    Now, the company has announced a public beta testing program for a new version 2.0 firmware, which enables the MCX8000 to read data from USB drives prepared using Engine Prime. The version also adds a host of other new features and bug fixes.

    They include:

    – Support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives
    – Beat Grid support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives
    – Beat Grid slide feature
    – Quantize feature
    – Quantize options 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1-beat and off for setting/triggering hot cues and loops
    – Beat Sync feature
    – 12 o’clock platter LED reset for cues
    – BPM sorting when browsing songs through BPM Filter

    Users can apply to join the beta at the Denon DJ forum now.

    Check out Mojaxx’s review of the MCX8000 below.

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  • Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-SB3 Controller Scratches For You

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    Pioneer DJ

    Pioneer DJ has announced a new version of its entry-level Serato controller, the DDJ-SB.

    The first new hardware to be released with Serato’s new DJ Lite software, the DDJ-SB3 includes elements from the company’s higher-end controllers, such as performance pads, independent auto loop buttons, and control over four decks.

    The unit also includes a unique new Pad Scratch feature, co-developed with DJ Jazzy Jeff, which enables users to trigger eight preset scratches by pressing the performance pads.

    The DDJ-SB3 will be available in stores soon, priced at $249. Find out more at Pioneer DJ’s website, and check out the introduction video to hear Jazzy Jeff talk about the new features.

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  • Pioneer DJ Debuts DDJ-1000 rekordbox Controller

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    Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000
    Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 (Photo source: Pioneer DJ)

    Pioneer DJ announced the DDJ-1000 on Tuesday, the latest controller for their rekordbox DJ software.

    A four-channel device, the DDJ-1000 features CDJ size jog wheels which contain full color central displays. They can be customized to display various types of information, including BPM, waveforms, and cue points.

    The controller’s mixer section includes a lot of familiar effects from the DJM mixer range, as well as some new effects like Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle, and Low Cut Echo.

    The DDJ-1000 also features two USB ports for DJ switching, 16 performance pads, and a license for the rekordbox DJ performance software.

    It will be available mid-January at a price of $1,199. Check out Pioneer DJ’s website for more information and watch the introduction video below, which features Red Bull 3Style world finalist, Deejay Irie.

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  • Print Your Own Custom Scratch Vinyl

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    Hungarian product designer Bihari has made a name for himself in the portablism scene with aftermarket tonearms and other mods for Numark’s PT01 turntables.

    Now he’s released his latest innovation, the Ahhh Fresh “Print It Yourself” Picture Disc, the world’s first self-adhesive scratch vinyl. DJs can print out an image of their choice and adhere it to a clear, no skip seven-inch record, which contains the classic “ahhh” and “fresh” samples.

    The record is available now from Bihari’s website for $18, with discounts for higher quantities.

    Watch the demo video above.

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  • Serato DJ 1.9.10 Announced

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    Serato has announced the latest version of its Serato DJ software, 1.9.10.

    The update adds support for the newest version of Apple’s macOS operating system, High Sierra, as well as the following new hardware: the Mixars QUATTRO four-channel club mixer and Denon DJ DNX1800 Prime mixer.

    The QUATTRO is the first on the market to offer performance pads for all four software decks and is supported natively in 1.9.10.

    Denon DJ’s SC5000 Prime player is also an officially supported Serato accessory, providing control of browsing and functions for up to four software decks with a single unit.

    1.9.10 is now available to download from Serato’s website.

    Serato DJ 1.9.10 on the Denon DJ SC5000. (Photo source: Mojaxx)

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  • Pioneer DJ Brings Live Sampling to the Booth With DJS-1000

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    Pioneer DJ DJS-1000

    A few weeks ago, leaked images appeared online of what looked like a new sampler from Pioneer DJ. Today, the company confirmed the product.

    The DJS-1000 is a standalone DJ sampler and sequencer that brings similar technology to that found in the company’s TORAIZ SP-16 to a DJ booth-friendly product. It features step sequencing, 16 multicolored performance pads, and a seven-inch touchscreen. The body of the unit is a similar size and shape to the company’s CDJ-2000NXS2 so that it can be easily accommodated in standard club setups.

    Pioneer DJ DJS-1000

    The unit can be synchronized with CDJs and XDJs via Pro DJ Link, and also features a tempo slider and nudge buttons for manual beat matching. The DJs-1000 includes over 2,500 preloaded Loopmasters samples, and more can be added via the top-mounted USB port. The unit can also sample live from any input source, enabling DJs to remix tracks on the fly.

    The street price for the DJS-1000 is set to be $1,199, and it starts shipping in October. Find out more at Pioneer DJ’s website, and check out the introduction video below.

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  • DJ RENA Wins DMC World Championship at 12 Years Old

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    DJ RENA at the DMC World Championship in London. (Photo source: Instagram)

    Twenty years after 15-year-old A-Trak became the youngest DJ to win the DMC World Championship, 12-year-old DJ RENA took the crown in London on Sunday.

    The Japanese turntablist beat Frenchman DJ Skillz and New Zealander and current DMC Online Champion DJ Spell who placed second and third, respectively. RENA’s win marks the second year running that a Japanese DJ has triumphed in the battle. DJ Yuto won in 2016.

    The DMC World Supremacy title was secured by another one of their countrymen, DJ Yukichi, who beat DJ Dwells from the U.S. using real vinyl and no DVS system.

    Rane were the main sponsors of the event, with RENA winning a unique gold SEVENTY-TWO mixer, and DJ Yukichi taking home a TWELVE turntable with a one-off gold vinyl disc.

    Watch RENA’s set below.

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  • Pioneer DJ Announces XDJ-RX2 Controller

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    Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2

    Two days after teasing it in their rekordbox 5.0 introduction video, Pioneer DJ has revealed the details of their long-rumored, all-in-one DJ system, the XDJ-RX2.

    The XDJ-RX2 inherits a number of features from the company’s flagship NXS2 range and adds a seven-inch touchscreen with qwerty keyboard search.

    As with the previous version, music can be played from a laptop via the rekordbox DJ software or directly from USB drives. Other notable upgrades include eight performance pads per deck, improved Sound Color FX control, and Track Filter and Track Short Cut features for fast browsing.

    Other key features:

    – Beat FX
    – Two USB-A ports
    – rekordbox dj license
    – A limited number of systems include a rekordbox video license

    The XDJ-RX2 will be available in September for a suggested retail price of $1,699.

    Watch Pioneer’s introduction video below.

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