• Pioneer DJ Announces XDJ-RX2 Controller

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    Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2

    Two days after teasing it in their rekordbox 5.0 introduction video, Pioneer DJ has revealed the details of their long-rumored, all-in-one DJ system, the XDJ-RX2.

    The XDJ-RX2 inherits a number of features from the company’s flagship NXS2 range and adds a seven-inch touchscreen with qwerty keyboard search.

    As with the previous version, music can be played from a laptop via the rekordbox DJ software or directly from USB drives. Other notable upgrades include eight performance pads per deck, improved Sound Color FX control, and Track Filter and Track Short Cut features for fast browsing.

    Other key features:

    – Beat FX
    – Two USB-A ports
    – rekordbox dj license
    – A limited number of systems include a rekordbox video license

    The XDJ-RX2 will be available in September for a suggested retail price of $1,699.

    Watch Pioneer’s introduction video below.

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  • Pioneer DJ Releases rekordbox 5.0, Announces DDJ-XP1 Controller

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    rekordbox 5.0

    After a period of public beta testing, Pioneer DJ released rekordbox 5.0 on Tuesday, the latest version of its track preparation and performance software.

    5.0 introduces the company’s new KORETECH engine, which promises advanced track analysis, faster track loading and scrolling, and improved performance under the hood for both audio and video.

    It also brings with it a redesigned graphical interface, and some new features, including:

    – Support for Pioneer’s DJM-S9 mixer
    – 16 cue points
    – New key shift, key sync, and keyboard modes
    – Ability to import files and metadata from USB devices


    Pioneer also announced a new add-on controller, the DDJ-XP1, which is designed to work alongside the rekordbox 5.0. It takes advantage of the software’s new features, with 32 performance pads to control Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler, Beat Loop, and the new Key Shift and Keyboard modes. It also features touch strips for FX control and can be powered by the USB connection alone. The interface can be customized by the user, and it includes licenses for the rekordbox DJ performance software and DVS plugin for vinyl control.

    In November, the company will release a stand, the DJC-STS1, which will also be suitable for laptops. New color variations of the rekordbox control vinyl will be available as well, with white, red, blue, and clear in addition to the standard black.

    Rekordbox 5.0 can be downloaded now from the rekordbox website, and the DDJ-XP1 will be available in late September, priced at $249.

    Watch Pioneer’s introduction video for the DDJ-XP1 below.

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  • Rane Announces SEVENTY-TWO Mixer and TWELVE Controller

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    After weeks of leaks and speculation, Rane has announced two new products: the SEVENTY-TWO mixer and the TWELVE controller. They are the first products the company has announced since its acquisition by industry giant inMusic in 2016.

    Rane SEVENTY-TWO mixer


    The SEVENTY-TWO is a two-channel battle mixer which features a pair of USB ports, and a 4.3-inch color touch screen. The screen shows Serato DJ’s moving waveforms and cue points and enables track browsing and loading. It also controls the mixer’s two internal FX engines as well as software FX.

    In terms of build, the SEVENTY-TWO retains the solid steel construction of previous Rane mixers. It also includes the company’s new Mag Three contactless tension-adjustable technology for both the crossfader and upfaders. A set of 16 MPC-style performance pads offers a host of different modes and allows independent controls for each deck.

    Rane TWELVE

    TWELVE Controller

    The TWELVE is a 12-inch motorized platter controller for Serato DJ. It was designed to offer DJs the comfort and precision of vinyl control without skipping needles or feedback issues. The TWELVE is laid out exactly like a traditional turntable for a familiar experience but connects directly to a computer via USB.

    The TWELVE features a touch strip for track scrubbing, which can also be switched to control cue points. It has a selectable pitch range, as well as 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speed options, and a rotary motor-off switch to emulate powering down a regular turntable. Each TWELVE can control up to four virtual decks in Serato DJ via a selection switch, and up to four units can be used simultaneously with the software.

    It has a 5.0 kfcm high-torque motor with an optional lower torque setting for a more classic feel, and 3,600 ticks of platter resolution for high performance.

    Although there are dedicated ports for the TWELVE on the SEVENTY-TWO mixer, the controller can be used with any Serato DJ hardware.

    The SEVENTY-TWO and TWELVE are set to have a street price of $1,899 and $799 USD, respectively. Both products are due to ship in Q4 2017.

    Watch Rane’s announcement video below.

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  • Pioneer DJ Announces DJM-750MK2 Mixer

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    Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2

    Pioneer DJ has announced the DJM-750MK2, a significant update its DJM-750 four-channel mixer.

    The DJM-750MK2 is designed to bring the experience of the club standard DJM-900NXS2 to home users. It has four Sound Color FX: Dub Echo, Sweep, Noise, and Filter, all with parameter control.

    The Beat FX have also seen changes, with new options like Ping Pong Delay and Helix. The FX frequency selectors enable DJs to choose which parts of the signal are affected. Plus, there’s a dedicated independent send and return hookup for connecting to iOS devices, which can be used as an insert or a traditional auxiliary loop.

    Sound quality has been improved, as has the crossfader, which now uses an updated version of Pioneer’s Magvel technology with improved cut-in distance.

    The DJM-750MK2 also ships with a license for the company’s Rekordbox DJ software and DVS plugin, enabling turntable users to connect their computer to the mixer.

    The mixer will begin shipping in early September with a suggested price of $1,199.

    Watch Pioneer’s promo video below and stay tuned for a full review on DJcity.

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  • Pioneer DJ Announces Rekordbox Audio Interface

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    Interface 2
    Pioneer DJ Interface 2 (Photo source: Pioneer DJ

    Pioneer DJ has announced the Interface 2, the missing piece of the Rekordbox DJ puzzle.

    Until now, the company’s Rekordbox DJ software and DVS plugin only worked with some of its mixers and controllers. Older Pioneer models and those from other manufacturers were not supported.

    However, the Interface 2 enables DJs with any setup to use Rekordbox DJ in a DVS system with control vinyl (a pair is included with the interface), CDs, and USB drives.

    As its name implies, the Interface 2 has two stereo channels, which limits it to two decks. Many DJs will find that to be enough, although the product’s name has already sparked speculation about future models with more channels.

    The Interface 2 is due to be released in early July with a price tag of $299. It appears to be a great value, considering it includes a license for Rekordbox DJ and the DVS plugin.

    Watch Pioneer’s promo video below and stay tuned for a review on DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks.

    Key features:

    – Club-standard sound quality
    – Compact, robust aluminium chassis
    – LEDs to indicate signal flow and problems with signal/connection
    – Includes Rekordbox DJ and DVS licenses, plus two timecoded control vinyl records
    – Mains or USB power options
    – Works as a stand-alone audio interface
    – Large signal GND terminal
    – Supports DVS via control vinyl and turntables or multi players and custom WAV file

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  • Review: Roland DJ-808 Controller

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    Roland made a big splash last fall when they announced the DJ-808 controller for Serato DJ, their first DJ-specific product in almost 20 years.

    Mojaxx spent a few weeks getting to know the impressive hardware and has provided us with an in-depth review on Tips and Tricks.

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  • Numark Announces NS6II Controller and NTX1000 Turntable

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    Numark NS6II

    Numark announced two new additions to their DJ hardware lineup on Monday: The NS6II controller and the NTX1000 turntable.

    The original NS6 was one of the first pro-level four-channel controllers for Serato software. However, although it is still supported in Serato DJ today, the hardware is a little dated by comparison to the rest of Numark’s range. With the new version, the NS6II is brought to the cutting edge, while retaining a similar size and feature set to the popular original.

    The NS6II’s highlights include dual USB ports for easy DJ switchovers and displays in the jog wheels that provide track and playhead info. It will be available in the summer for $799.

    NS6II key features

    – Two USB ports for DJ handoffs or multiple computer connections
    – Two color LCD track status displays for each jog wheel
    – Capacitive touch knobs for instant effects and EQ kills
    – Four channels with filter knobs and filter effects
    – Roll bar to protect front panel control knobs
    – Stand-alone digital mixing 24-bit, 44.1k audio (no computer required)
    – Two stereo RCA inputs with DVS-ready phono preamp
    – Two dedicated quarter-inch mic inputs with EQ
    – Balanced XLR outputs, RCA booth outputs, and master outputs
    – Class-compliant drivers (plug-and-play)
    – Includes Serato DJ (full version)

    Numark NTX1000

    The other product that debuted on Monday is an unexpected new addition to the vinyl turntable market: The NTX1000. Taking design cues from classic Numark products like the NS7 and TTX turntables, the NTX1000 promises pro-level performance at an affordable price.

    It includes features that you would expect in a pro turntable in 2017, such as variable pitch range up to +/-50%, and adjustable start and stop times. The 2.5 pound platter and 4.0 KGF/CM direct drive motor are intended to work together to give solid, stable performance. The deck body is designed to resist vibration in professional environments.

    Priced at just $399 a piece, the NTX1000 has the potential to shake up the turntable scene in a big way. Look out for a review on DJcityTV as soon as it arrives in Q3 2017.

    NTX1000 key features

    – Full-size 12-inch 2.5 pound platter ensures rock-steady speed accuracy
    – Professional 4.0 KGF/CM high-torque motor
    – Two-speed design: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
    – S-shaped tonearm for accurate tracking
    – Damped cueing and anti-skate control
    – Adjustable pitch range: ±8%, 16%, 50%
    – Start and stop brake controls
    – Dust cover
    – Switchable power: 100~230V, 50~60Hz

    Watch Numark’s promo video for the NS6II below.

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  • Pioneer DJ Announces DJM-250MK2 Mixer

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    Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2

    Pioneer DJ has announced a new version of its popular entry-level mixer, the DJM-250.

    Although it sits at the bottom of their range, the two-channel DJM-250MK2 adds two major improvements to its predecessor.

    The first is an integrated, multi-channel audio interface, which enables the use of DVS in Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ performance software. The second is the crossfader, which is the same as the one found on the company’s professional DJM-900NXS2 club mixer.

    The DJM-250MK2 also comes with a full license for the Rekordbox DJ and the DVS Plus Pack. Both of those products have a combined value of around $250 on their own, which makes the DJM-250MK2 an impressive deal.

    The mixer is due to be released in early March with a suggested retail price of $350.

    Keys features:

    – Rekordbox DVS ready; Includes Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS licenses
    – Magvel crossfader from the DJM-900NXS2
    – Smooth channel faders
    – Three-band isolators
    – Sound Color FX filter with parameter control from the DJM-900NXS2
    – Built-in sound card
    – Easy recording
    – High-quality sound
    – XLR terminal
    – Two headphone outs
    – Signal GND terminal
    – Independent MIC section

    Watch Pioneer’s promo video below and stay tuned for a review on DJcityTV.

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  • Pioneer DJ Unveils TORAIZ AS-1 Synth

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    Pioneer DJ TORAIZ AS-1

    Pioneer DJ is best known for its digital hardware, but today at the NAMM trade show they showed off an addition to their production range that’s resolutely analog.

    Designed in collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments, the TORAIZ AS-1 is a monophonic analog synthesizer. It has a touchpad-style keyboard and slider control and includes seven onboard FX.

    Although the AS-1 doesn’t come with a Pro DJ Link port to synchronize with the company’s DJ gear, it can connect to the TORAIZ SP-16 sampler to enable control via MIDI. With that connectivity, the AS-1 can be used in hybrid DJ-live setups.

    Key features of the AS-1:

    – True analog sound from Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet-6
    – Two voltage-controlled oscillators
    – Two voltage-controlled filters
    – Two envelope generators
    – Voltage-controlled amplifier and low-frequency oscillator
    – Full programmability with 495 presets, 495 user programs and Quick Program
    – Dual FX engine with seven FX (six from the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 synth)
    – Touchpad-style keyboard and slider
    – Scale mode
    – Arpeggiator
    – 64-step sequencer with Sequence Lock
    – Bright OLED display
    – Easy connection to a PC/Mac or an external MIDI device

    Watch Pioneer’s promo video below and learn more about the synth on their website.

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  • Mixars Debuts QUATTRO Mixer and PRIMO Controller

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    Mixars Quattro and Primo
    Mixars QUATTRO mixer (left) and PRIMO controller (right). Source: Mixars

    Italian manufacturer Mixars has debuted two new products ahead of the NAMM trade show in California this week.

    The first is the QUATTRO, a four-channel club mixer designed for Serato DJ. It has dedicated pads for cue, loop, and sample controls, and two USB ports for easy DJ changeovers.

    Other key features:

    – Two microphone inputs
    – Dedicated four high-quality effects for each channel with a single knob
    – Completely MIDI mappable
    – 24-bit digital output
    – Rugged metal construction
    – Auto loop encoder
    – Sampler switch
    – Dedicated sampler volume
    – Effects send/return

    Mixars QUATTRO mixer

    The second product is the PRIMO, the company’s first foray into the world of controllers. Also designed for Serato DJ, the PRIMO is a two-channel controller that supports the software’s DVS upgrade and features onboard filter, noise, gate and crush FX in either controller or standalone mixer mode.

    Other key features:

    – Performance Pads with hot cues, roll, slicer, sampler
    – Sturdy build quality with brushed aluminum face plate
    – Built-in sound card for simple USB connectivity
    – 100mm pitch control
    – USB powered
    – Large aluminum jog wheels with on-jog display and LED ring
    – Crossfader curve adjustment and reverse
    – Touch needle search strip
    – High-quality audio sound card
    – Plug and play with Serato DJ

    Mixars PRIMO controller

    The QUATTRO has a suggested price of $1,499, with the PRIMO coming in at a very competitive $599. Both units will be available this spring, and we’ll be taking a closer look at them on location at NAMM later this week.

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