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Beatsource Tech: CDJ-3000 Long-Term Review: Still The King?

It’s been almost two years since Pioneer DJ released their latest flagship media player, the CDJ-3000. But with the advent of new competition in the market, their dominance of the world’s DJ booths was no longer a certainty this time around. On the new episode of Beatsource Tech, Mojaxx reviews the players two years in, and examines whether the company has done enough to retain the “club standard” title in 2022.

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Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 Review: The Ultimate Affordable Battle Mixer?

Pioneer DJ‘s line of Serato battle mixers gains a new, more affordable model in the DJM-S5. Taking design and feature cues from its more expensive stablemates, it promises to offer great performance for intermediate, hobbyist DJs. Finished in a vibrant red color, the S5 really stands out from the crowd visually – but does it justify its $800 price tag? Mojaxx gives us his thoughts in a full review.

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Pioneer DJ Releases the New White Finish XDJ-XZ-W

Pioneer DJ has announced the release of the new XDJ-XZ-W all-in-one DJ System. The latest version for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro features a pristine white finish.

The XDJ-XZ-W offers the professional functions and performance features of the original XDJ-XZ—famously inherited from Pioneer DJ’s flagship equipment. Artists plug in USB drives with rekordbox-analyzed tracks or connect their laptops to use rekordbox performance features or Link Export mode. The XDJ-XZ-W is also compatible with Serato DJ Pro; Artists simply connect to a PC/Mac running the software – no additional license is necessary.

To use the XDJ-XZ-W with rekordbox, download the latest version of the software for free.

To use the XDJ-XZ-W with Serato DJ Pro, download the latest version of the software for free.

In-store Date (Americas): Late May

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First Look: Serato DJ Pro 2.5.11

Serato has released the latest version of its flagship DJ Pro software, 2.5.11, which includes the promised support for Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-RX3. The standalone device, released in late 2021, can play files directly from USB, Rekordbox DJ, and now, from Serato DJ Pro. Mojaxx takes a first look on the new episode of Beatsource Tech.

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The New King of Lightweight Headphones? Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX First Impressions

Pioneer DJ‘s headphone line is best known for big, beefy designs. But with the new HDJ-CX, they have gone in a new compact, lightweight direction. Have they done enough to challenge the current reigning champion in that market segment, the Sennheiser HD25? Mojaxx gives us his first impressions in the new episode of Beatsource Tech. Watch above.

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Are These The Best Budget DJ Headphones?

Pioneer DJ’s HDJ-CUE1 and Bluetooth-enabled HDJ-CUE1BT headphones promise to offer serious DJ performance which belies their sub-$100 pricing. In the new episode of Beatsource Tech, Mojaxx delivers his long-term review on both models.

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