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SH8K Remixes Tiësto and Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘The Business Pt. II’: DJcity Exclusive

(Source: SH8K)

San Diego-based DJ/producer SH8K is back with another exclusive remix, this time giving Tiësto and Ty Dolla $ign‘s “The Business, Pt. II” a thumping refresh. Just a month after its release, Tiësto’s and Ty’s revamp of last fall’s global top-five dance hit “The Business” has racked up over six million plays on Spotify.

SH8K notes that he “really enjoyed making this remix.” He adds that he “loved the original and thought it could use a little energy and some bounce.”

Preview the remix and download it exclusively on DJcity.

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Spryte Remixes Jay Sean’s ‘Do You Remember’ Feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon: DJcity Exclusive

(Source: Spryte)

Spryte is back with another DJcity exclusive, this time remixing Jay Sean, Sean Paul, Lil Jon‘s 2009 hit “Do You Remember.” Spryte adds a deep house groove to the track which, upon its release, hit the No. 10 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“I’ve really been digging Meduza‘s work lately, so I decided to take a stab at creating their iconic sound,” Spryte says. “After I had a solid idea of the track down, I exported the track to listen to it in my car. I always do this – I think it’s a great way to find flaws and experience how a listener would hear your track. After listening to it a solid 10-15 times, I switched back to the radio and they were playing Jay Sean’s ‘Do You Remember.’ I was like hold up! I put back on my track and started singing the Jay Sean lyrics over it and boom! The remix was born.”

Preview the remix and download it exclusively on DJcity.

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Robin Roij Remixes Beenie Man’s ‘Dude’ Feat. Ms. Thing: DJcity Exclusive

(Source: Robin Roij)

Dutch DJ/producer Robin Roij has delivered a modern refresh of Beenie Man and Ms. Thing‘s 2004 hit “Dude,” available exclusively on DJcity. Upon its release, “Dude” reached the top ten in the UK and the top 40 in both the US and Italy. Roij’s remix gives the dancehall classic a more current moombahton feel while retaining the energy of the original.

“I always played the original ‘Dude’ from Beenie Man,” Roij says. “I love it! I tried to create a whole new vibe around it so it will fit in the 2021 sets even more.”

Preview the remix below and download it exclusively on DJcity.

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Rogerson & Ray Montreal Remix Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ Feat. Dr. Dre: DJcity Exclusive

Rogerson (left) and Ray Montreal (right). (Source: Rogerson and Ray Montreal).

DJcity fan favorite Rogerson has linked up with fellow Dutch producer Ray Montreal to flip Blackstreet‘s 1996 classic “No Diggity.” The Teddy Riley-produced track, which features Dr. Dre, hit the top spot on charts around the globe and has been certified platinum in the US, UK, and New Zealand.

“Me and Ray know each other for some time already, but we never did a musical collaboration,” Rogerson says. “After he asked me for feedback on his ‘No Diggity’ remix, we decided to combine forces. The R&B vibe really fits in modern house music, as it sounds tough and cool. On top of my bassline, we added Ray’s type of drum groove, which he uses on all his tracks. That’s what made the perfect picture.”

Preview the remix below and download it exclusively on DJcity.

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Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ Remixed by Spryte: DJcity Exclusive

(Source: Spryte).

Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Spryte‘s latest exclusive for DJcity is a remix of Rihanna’s 2007 hit “Don’t Stop The Music.” In his remix, the number one global dance single receives a pounding, deep house interpretation.

“For this track, I was messing around with soft synth guitars,” Spryte recalls. “After about a half-hour of playing different melodies on my Ableton Push, I stumbled across the main melody line I use throughout the track. I don’t usually do this, but on this track, I was inspired to work on the beat before I chose a vocal. There were a couple of different options on the table, but I ended up placing Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ over the track.”

Download Spryte’s “Don’t Stop The Music” remix exclusively on DJcity.

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The Champs’ ‘Tequila’ Remixed by Stavros Martina and Kevin D: DJcity Exclusive

Kevin D (left) and Stavros Martina (right). (Source: Kevin D and Stavros Martina)

Dutch DJ/production duo Stavros Martina and Kevin D have linked up for another DJcity exclusive remix. This time, The Champs’ 1958 classic “Tequila” —  a top-20 hit that year that has remained popular ever since — gets an exciting moombahton refresh.

The original’s Latin jazz flavor is preserved, and the tempo is dropped into a groove that matches the cool vibe of the famous saxophone solo. The dembow riddim under the chopped, bright horns and the groove in the melody is the spotlight here.

Regarding the remix, Stavros Martina says “Kevin D and I were chilling in the home studio, and I saw a full bottle of tequila. I said to Kevin D, ‘TEQUILA!’ He said what!? So I repeated: ‘TEQUILA!’ Then I sang the song. He thought it was an awesome idea for a remix. One day later, the remix was finished. One week later, we still had the remix in our heads and kept playing it over and over!”

Preview Stavros Martina and Kevin D’s “Tequila” remix below and download it exclusively on DJcity.

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