Review: Pioneer DJ DJM-S9

Here it is, the video you’ve been waiting for: our review of Pioneer DJ’s new DJM-S9 mixer.
Announced in August, the S9 has become one of the most-talked-about DJ products in recent years. And for good reason: the S9 is Pioneer’s first scratch mixer since the DJM-909 and has been co-signed by the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ QBert, Eskei83, and Mr Switch.
But does the S9 live up to all the hype? Watch Mojaxx’s in-depth review to find out.
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  • Gemini Boi

    I’m still undecided… I’m really leaning towards the Pioneer mixer but with the Rane 62 I can use both Serato and Serato Dj unlike the Pioneer only uses Serato Dj. I know one day I have to make the switch to Serato Dj but with which mixer should I do it with? Decisions decisions lol

  • 11Fletcher

    I’ll buy that as soon as Rekordbox DJ will have timecode compatibility. For now Im on Traktor (with the NI Z2 mixer, I bought it 2 month before the S9 annoncement…), but I still don’t like Serato (it’s a good program but I don’t like the crate system). But this mixer make me want to switch to Serato for the 1st time since I’m using DVS system (since 2008).

  • D-Roz1

    I love this mixer, i got mine early by accident at the begging of the month and i am not looking back. This is a beast! Haven’t ad a problem at all yet with the new Serato 1.8 either at any or my gigs. I highly recommend this mixer to anybody who is looking for something new to step their game up.