Numark Unveils PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable

Numark PT01 Scratch

Numark has released the PT01 Scratch, the first commercially available, all-in-one portablism turntable. It builds on the company’s previous PT01 USB turntable and includes the following key features, some of which are new.

– Built-in “Scratch Slide Switch,” which eliminates the need for an external fader. The switch is adjustable for either regular and hamster-style scratching.

– Built-in speaker

– 1/8-inch stereo input, so you can connect your phone or any audio source to play a background beat.

– RCA output, so that you can connect to external hardware.

– Headphone output

The PT01’s suggested retail price is $129, just $30 more than the PT01 USB. Watch Numark’s demo video below and learn more on their website.

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  • Jonathan Chasse

    Love it!!!!

  • Jonathan Chasse

    The Mods you could do!!!!!

  • Damian Chmielix

    What if I scratch with my right hand on the record?

    • Maarten Van Duin

      You turn it 90 degrees anti clockwise.

      • Damian Chmielix

        I dont thnk it will do it… The cf would have to be in the bottom left corner…

    • Oskar

      This is my beef with the design too. It’s gonna be real hard to scratch with the right hand on the record because the Tonearm is gonna be in the way. In a perfect world they would have put a “switch” on either side of the platter to support everybody. Look at the original design of the QFO… Everybody can find a comfortable way to cut with that. I’m gonna reserve judgement till I see somebody cutting the opposite way on it (it’s most likely going to be an “arms crossed” situation)… I’m still stoked that Numark are supporting the Portablist movement though. Turntablism is getting a new lease of life!