Kutcorners Shows How to Produce a Remix in Serato Studio

Live Evil

Kutcorners, one half of the DJ/producer duo Live Evil, shows how to produce a remix in Serato Studio on a new episode of DJcityTV’s Behind the Beats series.

The Vancouver native rebuilds Live Evil’s remix of Rich The Kid‘s 2014 track “Why You Mad” layer by layer, highlighting the benefits of Serato Studio along the way.

Serato Studio is the company’s first foray into music production. It launched in March and is currently in beta.

Watch above and download Live Evil’s remix on DJcity.

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Live Evil Performs Their New Single ‘Throw It’ Feat. P-Lo

Live Evil, a DJ/production duo made up of Vancouver natives Kutcorners and DJ Marvel, have returned with a quick routine for DJcityTV. The video, which was shot at Serato’s Los Angeles studio, shows them performing their new single “Throw It” featuring HBK Gang’s P-Lo.

Watch above and download the track on DJcity.

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Kutcorners: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag



As part of Serato’s artist relations team, Matt Perry, a.k.a. Kutcorners, is constantly on the road. From festivals and competitions to conferences and workshops, the Vancouver, Canada native does it all. Kutcorners is also a resident at Good Life Sundays at Republic and is in two groups: The Freshest and Live Evil. Check out his must-have travel items below.


Serato 10″ Control Vinyl

“I’ve got a few different versions of these, but I’d say my favorite is the first Red Bull Thre3style edition.”

Microsonic ER-15 Custom Earplugs

“These are so essential; I even DJ with them. I can hear clearer and better and wake up feeling good. Hearing is a major cause of fatigue, and when you’re going to an event every night for a week, these babies enable you to stay focused, make music, and enjoy it the next day.”

Supreme Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle

“Drinking water is very good for you, but plastic bottles are bad for the environment. I don’t bust this out in the club, but I use it everywhere else to stay hydrated.”

Powered USB Hub and USB Cables

“I don’t usually use CDJs, but when I do, I use HID mode. It’s the easiest and most fun way to perform on CDJs for me. I sometimes find myself in a club with the typical CDJ and DJM900NXS setup, and the hub enables me to take full advantage of that rig. Plus, you can use it to charge your phone, etc.”

Apple iPad Mini 2

“I use this with the Serato Remote quite a bit. I really enjoy having access to cues, loops, samples, and FX regardless of the setup. Also, since the iPad is small and flat, it fits in my bag nicely and doubles as a movie player on flights where there isn’t a TV. I’ve yet to read a book on it, though. [laughs]”


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