MK Stands: The Ultimate Isolation System for Turntablists

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Back in 2017, Mojaxx reviewed MK Stands’ isolation boots for the Technics 1200 and 1210 turntables. While Mo and turntablists like ESKEI83 love the boots, they’ve also been critical of them because they raise turntables slightly higher than the mixer.

As a result, MK Stands released an updated version in October called the Pro DJ Isolation System. The new boots put the mixer and turntables at the same height while offering better stability and protection from vibration.

On this two-part episode of Tips and Tricks, Mo gives an updated review of the original isolation boots and takes a look at the new system. ESKEI also makes a cameo.

Watch above.

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ESKEI83 Drops New Single ‘Make the Record Skip’: DJcity Premiere


ESKEI83, the 2014 Red Bull Music 3Style world champion, has released a new single, “Make the Record Skip”. It’s the first in a series of releases that combine club and bass music, turntablism, and live performance.

The single has already received support from influential DJs like Four Color Zack, Thugli, and WiDE AWAKE.

ESKEI told us his motivation behind the track and series:

“As a DJ with a long and successful turntablism and DJ battle background, performing my tracks live was always very important, and still is. I scratch, do work with a sampler and drum pads, and use turntables. My sets stand out because I don’t just play tunes, I actually do something. In EDM and bass music, it’s uncommon for DJs to do more than just play tracks.”

He continued:

“The new single is a hybrid of heavy bass music that will work for all bass heads all over the world, but also impress the #RealDJing fans because it has scratches in it that will be performed live at my shows. It also features old school record sounds.”

Stream “Make The Record Skip” below and download it on DJcity.

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ESKEI83 Shares Top Five Turntablism Tricks


While on his world tour, 2014 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion ESKEI83 took the time to share his top five turntablism tricks. In the video, the German DJ breaks down how he performs each routine.

ESKEI recently released his remix of Dan Gerous and Tommy Montana’s dancehall track, “LOTP” featuring Melloquence.

Watch the video above.

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ESKEI83 Gets Busy With Boys Noize’s ‘Overthrow’


Fresh off the release of his new track “Rave,” Germany’s ESKEI83 has returned with a new routine. This time, the 2014 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion shows off his turntablism skills over Boys Noize’s 2016 single, “Overthrow.”

Watch the two-minute video above.

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ESKEI83 Teams Up With Drunken Masters & Gunjah For New Single ‘Rave’


2014 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion ESKEI83 teams up with Drunken Masters and Gunjah for his new single “Rave”.

Drunken Masters had big success with their latest release “Louder” on Fools Gold in December and this one is a collaboration a lot of DJ’s have been waiting for. Now it’s finally here!

Download “Rave” now via DJcity HERE.

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Watch ESKEI83’s Set for Pioneer’s DJsounds Show


ESKEI83 performs in the Netherlands on Jan. 29, 2016. (photo credit: Henny van Roomen)

ESKEI83, the 2014 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion, has been featured on Pioneer DJ’s DJsounds show.

The German’s set, which was recorded in London last summer, featured 50 minutes of bass music and world-class turntablism. Included was new music from his label, Crispy Crust Records.

During the interview, ESKEI spoke about how Pioneer’s DJM-S9 mixer helped him simplify and improve his game. He also discussed what it’s like playing at festivals as a turntablist and the advantages it gives him over other types of DJs.

Watch the full set and interview below.

This article was written by Hugo Pacheco.

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