Pioneer DJ Announces Rekordbox Audio Interface

Interface 2
Pioneer DJ Interface 2 (Photo source: Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ has announced the Interface 2, the missing piece of the Rekordbox DJ puzzle.

Until now, the company’s Rekordbox DJ software and DVS plugin only worked with some of its mixers and controllers. Older Pioneer models and those from other manufacturers were not supported.

However, the Interface 2 enables DJs with any setup to use Rekordbox DJ in a DVS system with control vinyl (a pair is included with the interface), CDs, and USB drives.

As its name implies, the Interface 2 has two stereo channels, which limits it to two decks. Many DJs will find that to be enough, although the product’s name has already sparked speculation about future models with more channels.

The Interface 2 is due to be released in early July with a price tag of $299. It appears to be a great value, considering it includes a license for Rekordbox DJ and the DVS plugin.

Watch Pioneer’s promo video below and stay tuned for a review on DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks.

Key features:

– Club-standard sound quality
– Compact, robust aluminium chassis
– LEDs to indicate signal flow and problems with signal/connection
– Includes Rekordbox DJ and DVS licenses, plus two timecoded control vinyl records
– Mains or USB power options
– Works as a stand-alone audio interface
– Large signal GND terminal
– Supports DVS via control vinyl and turntables or multi players and custom WAV file

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