Does Rekordbox DJ Live Up to the Hype?

Pioneer DJ shook up the industry last October when it released its standalone performance software, Rekordbox DJ. The company has since added DVS functionality, more hardware support, and most recently, video support. But do all the bells and whistles make Rekordbox DJ a worthy competitor to Serato DJ and Traktor Pro? Watch this week’s episode of Tips & Tricks above to find out.

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  • Titan721

    Hmm… I still wish I could see more detail about the program and that there was more support for it when it comes to overall education. So far no one has really looked it over except when it came out and it seems like finding out anything about it other than what people are posting online is impossible other than reading the manual.

    I’m also hesitant about starting the trial as it feels like you can’t really give it a proper go unless you own a Pio controller due to the fact the user interface is mimicking the look of the controllers. (I’m glad the mixer worked with DVS, but I doubt my NS6 is plug & play.) So sitting there with a mouse & keyboard when you’re wanting to start fiddling with the EQs and other things you can really only properly do with a bit of hardware makes it really hard to judge if it’s going to work for you or not.

    I’ll be making the jump soon irregardless, I just wish it didn’t feel like I was switching to some new Operating System that has no info available really. Promo videos and a very dry manual can only do so much without seeing/hearing what it’s doing when it comes to software like this.