Thud Rumble Previews Intel-Powered DJ Mixer

Thud Rumble's Intel-powered DJ mixer

Thud Rumble showcased two prototypes of its Intel-powered DJ mixer on Tuesday, reports Engadget. The presentation, which took place at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, was given by Thud Rumble’s co-founder, DJ QBert, and Montreal’s DJ Killa-Jewel.

The devices are the latest prototypes of Thud Rumble’s laptop-free mixer, the “Invader,” which was first announced in May 2015. The company has since showcased prototypes in an video by Intel and at the Maker Faire.

Intel mixer

According to Engadget, the prototypes that Thud Rumble showed off at the IDF were equipped with a touchscreen display running Windows 10 and Traktor. However, Engadget says the mixers can use any DJ software that’s compatible with Microsoft’s operating system.

Buyers will be able to customize the Invader with “laser-etching options, various colors and a choice of rubber or old-school arcade buttons.” Thud Rumble’s co-founder Ritche “Yogafrog” Desuasido told Engadget: “We’re doing the Tesla business model.”

Thud Rumble's Intel-powered DJ mixer

So what’s next for the Invader? Engadget writes:

“The next step after IDF will be to finalize the printed circuit board (PCB) designs. Native Instruments, which makes Traktor devices, is working with Thud Rumble to create an audio interface. The final Invader mixer will have the usual audio ports, including the ability to switch to phono so DJs can scratch actual vinyl. It’ll have USB 3 ports and an HDMI socket so DJs can use applications like Serato Video to output moving images. As you might expect, given that the device was shown off at Intel’s developer conference, it runs on Intel i5 and i7 processors. It’s competitively priced at $1,699 (the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 mixer for Serato costs the same without a built-in computer) and will ship at the end of the year.”

Intel mixer

All photos by Roberto Baldwin/AOL

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