DJ QBert’s Thud Rumble Company Showcases Experimental DJ Gear at Maker Faire

DJ QBert
DJ QBert showcases Thud Rumble’s experimental DJ equipment at the 2016 Bay Area Maker Faire.

DJ QBert‘s Thud Rumble company recently showcased their latest experimental DJ equipment at the Bay Area Maker Faire. The gear, which is in collaboration Intel, is part of Thud Rumble’s mission to eliminate the necessity of using laptops when DJing with DVS software like Serato and Traktor.

The partnership between Thud Rumble and Intel was first unveiled at the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire. This year’s showcase focused on the evolution of their collaboration.

Thud Rumble’s press release for the event says:

“Traditionally, [these] setups have required that a laptop or desktop computer be plugged into the instrument being utilized. The necessity of a computer has created a disconnect between the DJ and their audience. With the use of Intel technology, Thud Rumble has returned the art form back to its roots and is reconnecting the DJ to while still utilizing the convenience of digital audio files. In lieu of a computer, the artist simply inserts their USB drive of personally selected music they wish to use in the live set.”

“Everyone believes there is only one way to use standard equipment like a turntable or mixer, [and] it’s time for us to change that perception,” DJ Qbert said in the press release. “Intel’s technology is enabling us to connect the power of computing directly into our gear which is opening up new frontiers for us as DJs.”

Watch Thud Rumble’s recap video of the showcase below, which featured special performances from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz.

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