Intel Releases Video About Thud Rumble Collaboration

Back in May, DJ QBert’s Thud Rumble company revealed that it was working with Intel to rid laptops from DJ booths.
Using Intel’s tiny Edison microcomputer, Thud Rumble has eliminated the need for laptops by embedding the module into turntables, mixers, drum machines, and synthesizers.
Now, three months later, Intel has uploaded a short video about the collaboration, which features QBert and his Thud Rumble team. The piece is only two minutes long, but it’s enough to get us excited for the project.
The description for the video states: “Now there’s nothing between the DJ and their instrument – freeing them to focus on what they do best – create amazing music.”
It continues: “Thud Rumble’s goal is to reimagine the turntable as an instrument of the future, freeing artists to create and elevate scratching as a musical art form.”
Thud Rumble has also put sensors inside of turntables to record the movements of the platter. Using this data, they say they are now able to “write the musical notes of scratching.”
Watch above and check out Intel’s website to see how others are using the Edison chip.
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