Using Beat Jump Feature for Track Preparation

Tips and Tricks

On this week’s Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx explains how to use Serato DJ Pro’s Beat Jump feature, not for performance, but for track preparation. The feature is also found in Traktor Pro and rekordbox DJ.

Watch above.

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Traktor DJ 2 First Look and Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 Review

On this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a look at two new offerings from Native Instruments.

The Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 updates the controller to make it more beginner-friendly. Also aimed at beginners, the Traktor DJ 2 app now includes the ability to stream music using SoundCloud Go+ among other improvements.

Watch Mo’s first look and review above.

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First Look: Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3.1

Traktor Pro 3.1

On this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a first look at Native Instruments’ Traktor Pro 3.1. The update includes bug fixes, tweaks, and for the first time, parallel waveforms.

Warning for Windows users

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Native Instruments Releases Traktor Pro 3.1

Traktor Pro

Traktor Pro
Traktor Pro. (Source: Native Instruments)

Native Instruments has released an update to their flagship DJ software, Traktor Pro 3.1. The update was announced at the NAMM Show in January.

Traktor Pro 3.1 introduces a number of new features in addition to the standard stability improvements and bug fixes. Screen layout options now include both a parallel waveform view and a single-deck view. DJs who use the Kontrol S8 and D2 now have the option of custom-mapping their controllers.

Native Instruments has also upgraded the firmware for the Kontrol S4, allowing the controller to be used as a standalone mixer with no laptop needed.

Traktor Pro 3.1 is a free upgrade for Traktor Pro 3 owners.

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Consejos y Trucos: Review del Software Traktor Pro 3 de Native Instruments

traktor pro 3

En octubre, Native Instruments lanzó una actualización de su software para DJs, el Traktor Pro 3. El nuevo software fue la primera actualización de la compañía en años. Hoy, Luis Martínez nos muestra algunos de los cambios y explica por qué los DJs van a querer comprar la nueva versión. Mira el video arriba en un nuevo episodio de Consejos y Trucos de DJcity Latino.

English translation (traducción en inglés):

In October, Native Instruments released its upgraded Traktor Pro 3 software, the company’s first significant update to its software in years. Today, Luis Martinez walks us through some of the changes and explains why DJs may want to get the new version. Watch above on this week’s episode of DJcity Latino‘s Consejos y Trucos.

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Review: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Controller

Traktor Kontrol S4

After years of not releasing any DJ equipment, Native Instruments returned to the game in October and unveiled its Traktor Pro 3 software. It also announced two updated controllers: the Traktor Kontrol S2 and S4.

On this week’s Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx delivers his long-awaited review of the S4 and looks at Traktor Pro 3.

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Consejos y Trucos: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2 Review


In the first few episodes of DJcity Latino‘s Consejos y Trucos series, Luis Martinez has reviewed Denon DJ and Pioneer DJ products. Now, he examines one of Native Instruments’ most popular controllers, the Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2.

Watch his review above.

Spanish translation (traducción en español):

En los primeros episodios de la serie Consejos y Trucos de DJcity Latino, Luis Martínez ha revisado productos de Denon DJ y Pioneer DJ. Ahora, el examina uno de los controladores más populares de Native Instruments, el Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2.

Mira su review arriba.

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First Look: Traktor Pro 2.11 Public Beta


UPDATE: Traktor Pro 2.11 is out now. Download it from the Service Center.

DJcityTV’s Mojaxx has provided a first look at the public beta of Native Instruments’ Traktor Pro 2.11. The update introduces hardware support for Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 and Allen & Heath’s Xone:PX5. Other additions include support for Ableton Link and a step sequencer for the Remix Decks.

Watch the video above and sign up for the beta here.

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How to Take Your Tone Playing to the Next Level


69Beats at the Red Bull Thre3style Poland Final in Krakow on May 7, 2016. (Gniewko Głogowski/Red Bull)

Poland’s DJ 69Beats has made a tutorial that explains how to perform advanced tone play routines with Traktor and a piano-like controller. Fans had asked him to shed light on the technique after he won the Red Bull Thre3style Poland Finals in May

The method, which was first introduced in 2010 and recently explained by DJ Rafik, is a crucial breakthrough in tone playing. As 69Beats points out in his video, it is impossible to play certain melodies with traditional DJ controllers due to a limited amount of pads. That, combined with the fact that not all songs are in the same key, has resulted in a prevalence of out-of-tune tone play routines, a topic of criticism in the DJ community.

The technique is also possible with Serato DJ via the Pitch ‘n Time plug-in, as explained in a recent episode of DJcityTV’s Tips & Tricks.

Watch 69Beats’ tutorial and winning Thre3style set below.

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Review: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S5

Native Instruments’ new Traktor Kontrol S5 controller follows in the footsteps of its relatives, the S8 and D2. It is essentially a more stripped-down and portable version of the larger S8, which despite all its features, is a pain to travel with.
Watch Mojaxx’s review of the S5 above in this week’s episode of Tips & Tricks.
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