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How to ‘Boomerang’ Scratch, Explained by Dirty Digits

Scratch DJ Academy is back again with another tutorial video and this time veteran DJ Dirty Digits breaks down how to do the “Boomerang” scratch, which was invented by DJ Flare.
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DJ Rob Swift Explains How to Articulate Scratches

Legendary turntablist and former X-Ecutioners member DJ Rob Swift explains how to articulate scratches, in the latest video tutorial from Scratch DJ Academy.
“You don’t wanna keep repeating the same scratches over and over again,” Swift says. “You wanna stimulate the person that’s listening to you, that’s watching you scratch. You wanna keep them engaged.”
The veteran turntablist explains in detail how to make scratches more interesting by following the rhythm and sounds of the beat. He also encourages DJs to consider the vocals and not just the drums. “Follow the pattern and the nuances of vocals on a track,” Swift says.

“You have to go beyond just mastering the technique and perfecting it. Always figure out a way to inject who you are out of the turntable.”

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Roli Rho Juggles M.O.P.’s Classic, ‘Cold as Ice’

New York turntablist Roli Rho shows off his juggling skills with M.O.P.’s “Cold As Ice” for Scratch DJ Academy’s latest routine video. The track, which came out in 2000 and has since become a classic, contains a sample of Foreigner’s 1977 song of the same name.
Roli is part of IntroBass Productions and 5th Platoon — a DJ crew consisting of Neil Armstrong, Daddy Dog, Vin Roc, Do Boy, Kuttin Kandi, and I.Emerge.
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Z-Trip Jams with Violinist Damien Escobar

A new video from Scratch DJ Academy shows Z-Trip jamming with Damien Escobar — a two-time Emmy Award winning violinist.
The legendary DJ is known for working with a wide variety of artists so it comes as no surprise to us that he’d throw down with a violinist. Watch above as they perform over what seems to be an edit of Subtonik’s remix of Drake’s “0 To 100 (The Catch Up).”
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Charlie White Routine for Scratch DJ Academy

Scratch DJ Academy’s latest episode of “Routine Royale” features Memphis, Tennesse native Charlie White — a member of a band called FreeSol which is signed to Justin Timberlake’s Tennman Records. Watch above as the Red Bull Thre3style competitor cuts over two tracks, including a blend of JT’s “Suit & Tie” and Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?”
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How to Drum with a Turntable

Scratch DJ Academy is back with another useful video tutorial for beginners. In this episode, Miami instructor DJ Immortal gives a lesson on the art of turntable drumming — a technique that can be used in both routines and party rocking.
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