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DJ Jazzy Jeff Discusses Why DJ AM Was So Influential

DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ AM

Earlier this month, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Scratch DJ Academy‘s Cosmo Baker held a Q&A session after the Philadelphia screening of the DJ AM As I Am documentary. Jeff, who was a close friend and partner of AM, discussed some of his most memorable moments with him, why he was such a great DJ, and how he influenced the culture.

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Inside Scratch DJ Academy’s New Philadelphia School

In honor of National DJ Day on Wednesday, local news station FOX 29 visited Scratch DJ Academy’s new location in Philadelphia.
Reporter Quincy Harris spoke with the school’s director, Cosmo Baker, about what they offer and what to expect from their DJ 101 course. Instructors Rich Medina and Gun$ Garcia also made appearances in the video.
Watch above and visit Scratch DJ Academy Philadelphia at 209 Chestnut Street, 2nd Floor.
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Boi Jeanius Featured in Scratch Academy’s ‘Routine Royale’

Scratch DJ Academy has released a Routine Royale episode featuring Chicago’s Boi Jeanius.
In addition to being the 2015 Redbull Thre3style Midwest Regional Champion, Jeanius is an instructor at Scratch DJ Academy, Chicago. He was also named 2010 Best Mid-West DJ by Latin Mixx.
Watch Boi Jeanius show off his skills in the video above.
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How to Master the ‘Swing Flare’ Scratch

Two-time DMC Champion Shiftee once described the “swing flare” as a power scratch that can be used to “hit your audience or your opponent in the face with your skill.” As such, the technique has been featured in various instructional videos over the years, and the latest by Scratch DJ Academy is one of the best we’ve seen. Watch above as New York DJ and turntablist Dirty Digits breaks down the scratch step-by-step.
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How to ‘Chop and Screw’ with Ableton Live

In Scratch DJ Academy’s new “Watch and Learn” episode, Los Angeles DJ/producer Them Jeans shows one of many ways to “chop and screw” a song with Ableton Live.
Chopped and screwed is a remix technique that slows down a song’s tempo and applies manual delay effects. DJ Screw is largely recognized as the creator of the method, which became popular in the Houston hip-hop scene during the ’90s.
Them Jeans recently dropped an entire mixtape of chopped and screwed tracks, one of which is Drake’s “Energy” (the song used in this video).
Watch the tutorial above and stream and download his mix below:

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How to EQ Kick Drums in Ableton Live

Looking for advice on how to make your kick drums sound better and hit harder? Scratch DJ Academy’s new “Watch and Learn” episode might be able to help. Watch above as Josh Andres of DJ/producer duo Statik Link explains how to EQ kick drums in Ableton Live. We also recommend listening to Statik Link’s mix for DJcity’s “Friday Fix” podcast.
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