Mojaxx Reviews SolidCutz’s Rane SEVENTY-TWO Fader Upgrade

On this week’s episode of Tips and TricksMojaxx discusses replacing or upgrading the faders in the Rane SEVENTY-TWO battle mixer. He then takes a look at the FAD-R72 fader from German manufacturer SolidCutz.

Watch above.

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First Look: Rane SEVENTY Mixer

Rane SEVENTY Mixer

Earlier today, we featured a routine by Craze that showcased the new Rane SEVENTY mixer. On this episode of Tips and Tricks, DJcity’s tech guru Mojaxx takes a first look at the new 2-channel battle mixer.

The SEVENTY is the latest edition to Rane‘s solid steel, Serato battle-ready mixer series.

Watch above.

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Craze Drops Routine with New Rane SEVENTY Mixer

After a long hiatus from filming routines, Craze has delivered a performance showcasing the new Rane SEVENTY mixer. The world champion turntablist’s “Still Got It” routine makes fun of annoying requesters while demonstrating the capabilities of the two-channel battle mixer.

Watch the routine above and stay tuned for more info about the Rane SEVENTY.

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First Look: Rane SEVENTY-TWO Firmware 1.3 Beta


As with any modern digital DJ device, it’s important to keep up with firmware updates. On this episode of Tips and Tricks, DJcityTV’s Mojaxx takes a quick look at the beta firmware update for Rane’s SEVENTY-TWO mixer. The update was recently released in conjunction with the public beta of Serato DJ Pro 2.1.

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Review: Rane SEVENTY-TWO Mixer

tips and tricks

In late July, Mojaxx provided an in-depth review of Rane’s TWELVE controller. Now, he takes a closer look at the company’s SEVENTY-TWO mixer.

Watch his review above on this week’s episode of Tips & Tricks.

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Review: Rane TWELVE Controller

Tips and Tricks

After providing a quick first-look in April, Mojaxx returns for an in-depth review of Rane’s TWELVE controller. Watch above on this week’s Tips and Tricks.

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