How to Properly Light Your DJ Setup


On a special episode of DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks, guest host Revrt discusses the best, affordable lighting options for your home DJ setup. The UK DJ and turntablist is a national finalist in the 2018 Red Bull Music 3Style.

Revrt discusses natural versus artificial lighting and the benefits and drawbacks of each. 2013 DMC Online World Champion Jon1st makes a guest appearance, dropping a routine while testing out some different lighting options.

Watch above.

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Watch: ‘Inside Turntablists’ Puts a Spotlight on Jon1st

Inside Turntablists

Jon1st (Credit: Boom City)

British creative collective Boom City has shared a new episode of their documentary series, Inside Turntablists. This time, the crew puts a spotlight on 2013 DMC Online World Champion, Jon1st.

The UK native discusses how he got into DJing, what makes his style of scratching unique, and the current state of turntablism.

Watch the episode and a routine from Jon1st below.

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Watch Craze and Jon1st’s Boiler Room Sets


On Tuesday, the Boiler Room London hosted Craze, a three-time DMC World Champion, and Jon1st, the 2013 DMC Online World Champion. The event, which was their debut on the show, was intended to put a spotlight on the art of turntablism.

Jon1st opened with an hour of drum and bass and glitch-heavy tracks, while Craze dropped an hour of hip-hop and bass music, including his usual critique of modern DJ culture.

Watch both of their performances above (Craze’s begins around the 1:01:10 mark).

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Watch Jon1st in Action With Pioneer’s DJM-S9

You’ve got to give it up to Pioneer DJ. Since introducing the DJM-S9 in August, the company has enlisted an impressive list of turntablists to showcase their mixer with short yet convincing routines. So far, world champions ESKEI83, Shintaro, Kentaro, and Mr Switch have showed us what the S9 is capable of, and now it’s Jon1st‘s turn. Watch above as the 2013 DMC Online Champ demonstrates some of the S9’s onboard Beat FX and Serato DJ FX with a track by his group, GOALS. As our new team member DJ Reddi put it: “Jon1st never disappoints.”
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Watch Jon1st Scratch Over a Reggae Beat

2013 World Online DMC Champion Jon1st is back with an impressive routine. The two-minute clip features the British DJ freestyle scratching over a reggae beat.
We also recommend checking out Jon’s new mix for Fly High Radio featuring 2011 DMC World Champion, DJ Unkut.
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Watch Jon1st Cut Up a Ragga-Influenced Jungle Track

Jon1st is one of our favorite turntablists from the UK; his technique is rooted in tradition, but he also brings a futuristic approach. For his latest video, the former DMC World Online Champ flips “Steppin'” from Sam Binga and Deft’s Nuh Chat EP. The jungle and ragga-influenced routine is beautifully shot and features Jon’s razor-sharp cuts. If you like what you see, watch Jon get busy in DJcityTV’s “Cutting Room” series alongside fellow UK turntablists Woody, Mr Switch, TigerStyle, Muzzell, and Mighty Atom.
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