• Classic DJ Gear: Vestax PMC-06 Pro

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    In December, DJcityTV launched a new series called Classic DJ Gear that’s hosted by Houston’s Mister Remix. The first episode looked at one of the most popular and influential mixers of all time: the Vestax PMC-07 Pro.

    For February, Remix returns to examine another Vestax mixer: the PMC-06 Pro. Released in the mid-to-late ’90s, the PMC-06 Pro was popular with turntablists due to its slim design. Its thin profile was especially appealing to beat jugglers, as it reduced the space between the turntables. It was also appealing to turntablist groups who were tight on desk space.

    Remix also looks at the even thinner PMC-06 T, which he says was the most “bizarre” mixer he’s ever seen.

    Watch above and stay tuned for more videos.

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  • Classic DJ Gear: Vestax PMC-07 Pro

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    Introducing Classic DJ Gear, a new series from DJcityTV hosted by Houston’s Mister Remix​.

    The first episode features the Vestax​ PMC-07 Pro, or as Remix calls it, “the original king of the two-channel scratch mixer scene.”

    Released in the ’90s, the PMC-07 Pro was Vestax’s first two-channel battle mixer. It became a standard for hip-hop DJs and turntablists around the world.

    Remix looks at the pros and cons of the PMC-07 Pro, along with how to modify it, where to buy it, and how much to pay for it.

    Watch above and stay tuned for more episodes of Classic DJ Gear.

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