The Ultimate Tracking Performance for Vestax Turntables

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In the late ’90s, Vestax revolutionized turntablism when it released its “Anti Skipping Tone-arm System.” Ideal for scratching, the A.S.T.S. improved tracking performance and reduced record wear. The feature was improved upon in 2004 with the addition of a dynamic balance system to some of Vestax’s turntables.

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a look at the SoSharp Active Force Control Mod. The 3D-printed device adds the dynamic balance system to the pre-2004 Vestax turntables with A.S.T.S.

Watch above and learn more about the Vestax A.S.T.S. technology here.

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Classic DJ Gear: Vestax PMC-06 Pro

Vestax PMC-06 Pro

In December, DJcityTV launched a new series called Classic DJ Gear that’s hosted by Houston’s Mister Remix. The first episode looked at one of the most popular and influential mixers of all time: the Vestax PMC-07 Pro.

For February, Remix returns to examine another Vestax mixer: the PMC-06 Pro. Released in the mid-to-late ’90s, the PMC-06 Pro was popular with turntablists due to its slim design. Its thin profile was especially appealing to beat jugglers, as it reduced the space between the turntables. It was also appealing to turntablist groups who were tight on desk space.

Remix also looks at the even thinner PMC-06 T, which he says was the most “bizarre” mixer he’s ever seen.

Watch above and stay tuned for more videos.

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Classic DJ Gear: Vestax PMC-07 Pro

Classic DJ Gear

Introducing Classic DJ Gear, a new series from DJcityTV hosted by Houston’s Mister Remix​.

The first episode features the Vestax​ PMC-07 Pro, or as Remix calls it, “the original king of the two-channel scratch mixer scene.”

Released in the ’90s, the PMC-07 Pro was Vestax’s first two-channel battle mixer. It became a standard for hip-hop DJs and turntablists around the world.

Remix looks at the pros and cons of the PMC-07 Pro, along with how to modify it, where to buy it, and how much to pay for it.

Watch above and stay tuned for more episodes of Classic DJ Gear.

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Vestax Founder Re-Establishes the Company

Vestax’s PMC-05Pro3 mixer. (Mark Settle)
Vestax founder Hidesato Shiino has announced that the company will begin releasing limited edition products in March. The news comes thirteen months after Vestax filed for bankruptcy.
Shiino, who started the company in 1977 but left in 2002, said the first release will be an STP/Vestax branded mixer that will be sold directly to end-users.
“There is significant experienced thought behind the development and production of this mixer, as top-quality sound has been the priority behind its development. It is also matched with a distinct yet subtle design.”
Shiino added that Vestax will announce more products later this year, including a turntable.
He also revealed why he left the company after running it for 25 years.
“I had become disillusioned by the vulgarity of the ‘money game’, and how it was depriving the human spirit of manufacturing-creativity. I felt the shallowness, and an emphasis on price over innovative technologies.”
Furthermore, Shiino said the new management did not perform as he had hoped, and as a result, the company lost its “core manufacturing purpose and direction.”
“Some three years after I left the company, talented people started to leave one after the other, and the manufacturing company began to collapse. After five years, the constitution of the company had completely changed, with scandals involving its proprietor, and interest in the company began to vanish.”
Shiino mentioned that a quality check in 2014 revealed that the brand’s products were “quite inferior when compared with the 2002 output.” However, he is hopeful that Vestax will make a comeback as it returns to its roots.
“We think that no matter how the music world is changing, there will always be real die-hard music lovers.”
Watch DJ Woody perform with Vestax’s Controller One turntable:

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Vestax Files for Bankruptcy

Vestax PMC-05 Pro IV Mixer. Photo by Mark Settle.
DJ equipment manufacturer Vestax has filed for bankruptcy, a Japanese news outlet has confirmed. According to Teikoku Databank, Vestax began proceedings in Tokyo District Court on December 5 after falling 90 million yen in debt.
Back in October, DJcity reported that Vestax had ceased operations but there was no report of a bankruptcy filing at the time. The company’s website has since been taken down.
Vestax launched in 1977 and brought numerous innovations to the DJ community throughout the years. Their line of turntables, mixers and controllers have been used by influential DJs such as QBert, Mix Master Mike, D-Styles, Cut Chemist, Carl Cox, among others.
Their Controller One turntable has been featured in a couple DJcity TV videos in recent years, including a routine by DJ Woody and the San Francisco episode of the “Cutting Room.”
Watch both videos below:


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Vestax Is Out of Business, Sources Say

Turntable and mixer manufacturer Vestax has ceased operations, according to Japanese website Teikoku News Online.
The report, which was brought to our attention by DJ TechTools, appeared in a story about the continued slowdown of Japanese manufacturing.

“Indispensable in helping to talk about the music and club scene in Japan, name-brand DJ (disc jockey) for mixer, turntable ‘Vestax’. Co., Ltd. has ceased operations August 31”

While Vestax has yet to confirm the closure, there are plenty of clues that indicate the company is no longer in business. For starters, Vestax hasn’t released any new products in the past year and its Los Angeles store was closed in August. DJ TechTools also pointed out that Vestax’s US distributor dropped them this year and that the company wasn’t present at the BPM trade show in September. Furthermore, their social media hasn’t been updated since July and the US support phone number leads to an answering machine.
Launched in 1977, Vestax has brought numerous innovations to the DJ world through turntables, mixers and controllers. Their products have been used by influentials DJs such as QBert, Mix Master Mike, D-Styles, Cut Chemist, Carl Cox, among others.
Here’s a video of DJ Woody getting down with the Vestax Controller One turntable, which he helped co-design:

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