Vestax Founder Re-Establishes the Company

Vestax’s PMC-05Pro3 mixer. (Mark Settle)
Vestax founder Hidesato Shiino has announced that the company will begin releasing limited edition products in March. The news comes thirteen months after Vestax filed for bankruptcy.
Shiino, who started the company in 1977 but left in 2002, said the first release will be an STP/Vestax branded mixer that will be sold directly to end-users.
“There is significant experienced thought behind the development and production of this mixer, as top-quality sound has been the priority behind its development. It is also matched with a distinct yet subtle design.”
Shiino added that Vestax will announce more products later this year, including a turntable.
He also revealed why he left the company after running it for 25 years.
“I had become disillusioned by the vulgarity of the ‘money game’, and how it was depriving the human spirit of manufacturing-creativity. I felt the shallowness, and an emphasis on price over innovative technologies.”
Furthermore, Shiino said the new management did not perform as he had hoped, and as a result, the company lost its “core manufacturing purpose and direction.”
“Some three years after I left the company, talented people started to leave one after the other, and the manufacturing company began to collapse. After five years, the constitution of the company had completely changed, with scandals involving its proprietor, and interest in the company began to vanish.”
Shiino mentioned that a quality check in 2014 revealed that the brand’s products were “quite inferior when compared with the 2002 output.” However, he is hopeful that Vestax will make a comeback as it returns to its roots.
“We think that no matter how the music world is changing, there will always be real die-hard music lovers.”
Watch DJ Woody perform with Vestax’s Controller One turntable:

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