Pioneer DJ Brings Live Sampling to the Booth With DJS-1000

Pioneer DJ DJS-1000

A few weeks ago, leaked images appeared online of what looked like a new sampler from Pioneer DJ. Today, the company confirmed the product.

The DJS-1000 is a standalone DJ sampler and sequencer that brings similar technology to that found in the company’s TORAIZ SP-16 to a DJ booth-friendly product. It features step sequencing, 16 multicolored performance pads, and a seven-inch touchscreen. The body of the unit is a similar size and shape to the company’s CDJ-2000NXS2 so that it can be easily accommodated in standard club setups.

Pioneer DJ DJS-1000

The unit can be synchronized with CDJs and XDJs via Pro DJ Link, and also features a tempo slider and nudge buttons for manual beat matching. The DJs-1000 includes over 2,500 preloaded Loopmasters samples, and more can be added via the top-mounted USB port. The unit can also sample live from any input source, enabling DJs to remix tracks on the fly.

The street price for the DJS-1000 is set to be $1,199, and it starts shipping in October. Find out more at Pioneer DJ’s website, and check out the introduction video below.

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