Numark Unveils PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable

Numark PT01 Scratch

Numark has released the PT01 Scratch, the first commercially available, all-in-one portablism turntable. It builds on the company’s previous PT01 USB turntable and includes the following key features, some of which are new.

– Built-in “Scratch Slide Switch,” which eliminates the need for an external fader. The switch is adjustable for either regular and hamster-style scratching.

– Built-in speaker

– 1/8-inch stereo input, so you can connect your phone or any audio source to play a background beat.

– RCA output, so that you can connect to external hardware.

– Headphone output

The PT01’s suggested retail price is $129, just $30 more than the PT01 USB. Watch Numark’s demo video below and learn more on their website.

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