New Enhanced Audio Player Now Available on DJcity

New Enhanced Audio Player Now Available on DJcity

At DJcity, we are constantly working on new ways to improve our website in order to help our subscribers get the most from our service. We are excited to announce our new and improved audio player which allows users to intuitively discover and preview music on our record pool.

New audio player features:

New autoplay feature for improved discovery – songs are automatically added to the player queue for continuous previewing of music.

For example, when you play a song from the most popular list or monthly charts, all the songs in that list are automatically queued to listen to in the preview player after the current song ends.

New keyboard shortcuts for improved workflow – quickly play/pause, seek forward/backward, or jump to the next/previous track with simple keystrokes.

New volume control for customized volume levels.

Optimized to work perfectly with our new “download all” feature.

Check out our preview player guide below and head over to to try it out for yourself.

Preview Player Guide

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