Vestax Files for Bankruptcy

Vestax PMC-05 Pro IV Mixer. Photo by Mark Settle.
DJ equipment manufacturer Vestax has filed for bankruptcy, a Japanese news outlet has confirmed. According to Teikoku Databank, Vestax began proceedings in Tokyo District Court on December 5 after falling 90 million yen in debt.
Back in October, DJcity reported that Vestax had ceased operations but there was no report of a bankruptcy filing at the time. The company’s website has since been taken down.
Vestax launched in 1977 and brought numerous innovations to the DJ community throughout the years. Their line of turntables, mixers and controllers have been used by influential DJs such as QBert, Mix Master Mike, D-Styles, Cut Chemist, Carl Cox, among others.
Their Controller One turntable has been featured in a couple DJcity TV videos in recent years, including a routine by DJ Woody and the San Francisco episode of the “Cutting Room.”
Watch both videos below:


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  • BlahWorld

    Sad, All the major players are shutting down their companies. RIP Technics, Paioneer, and now Vestax

    • Tone

      Pioneer DJ is still in business.

      • Brandon Zemel

        They sold the DJ business a month or two ago

        • Tone

          yeah, but that’s a lot different from being “shut down”

      • D-Mass

        pretty sure Pioneer DJ was recently sold to a holding company…which doesn’t bode well for them unfortunately…

        • Tone

          that’s just speculation. companies get sold all the time and remain in business.


    its sad day for #realdjs. when it comes down to it controllers are more popular now and cheaper to make and market. I have 2-05s, and 07 and 08 and wont trade them for anything along with my 2300’s. bankruptcy doesnt mean they are done but its for sure not a good sign.

  • Victor Ciccarone

    Pretty soon its going to be 1200’s and a mixer again LOL Glad I got my hands on a good set of the 12’s again and have them for safe keeping

  • Michael Eamon Osborne

    They were probably aware for a while but unfortunately could not sustain or compete with the likes of Technics & Pioneer any longer as the Market tightens up. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with being a controller market as Vinyl has made a huge resurgence in the last two years with this year topping it off even higher. But if you go online you will see cheaper alternatives & that could have a huge impact on todays consumers! I just purchased two PLX 1000’s but bear in mind I was looking at the Serato option – this is also another factor in todays marketing ploy >> compatibility!!

  • Thanks for the picture credit. It doesn’t happen anywhere near enough. 🙂

    • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

      word, DJpedia pics get used all the time w/ no credit although all licensed under Creative Commons

    • your mom

      thats cuz your pictures suck.

  • joesteel yabut

    how much is the pioneer mixxer?

  • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

    bankruptcy could also mean “restructuring” of sorts, which was also part of the initial rumor. wonder if the Vestax trademark will be up for sale, which means anybody could buy it and make products under the brand name.