DJcity and Ortofon Team for Limited Edition Concorde Cartridges


DJcity and Ortofon have teamed up for a limited edition of DJcity-branded Concorde MkII Scratch cartridges. There are only 30 units in the first run, and they are available only on DJcity.

Watch Mojaxx discuss how and why the partnership came about on this week’s Tips and Tricks.

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Review: Ortofon OM Cartridges


Mojaxx loved Ortofon’s MkII range of Concorde cartridges when he reviewed them earlier this year. But not all DJs want or can use plug-in style cartridges like Concordes.

On this week’s Tips and Tricks episode, Mo looks at the company’s OM series of cartridges, which are designed to fit on a traditional headshell.

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Review: Ortofon Concorde MkII Series

Ortofon Concorde MkII

Ortofon’s range of Concorde cartridges have been around for a couple of decades and haven’t seen any many major changes. However, the company has redesigned them from the ground up. And it’s good timing, with the recent news that Shure has discontinued all of its phono cartridges.

Will Ortofon’s new MkII series ease the pain of grieving Shure devotees? Mojaxx finds out on this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks.

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Resurrect Your Broken Ortofon Concorde Cartridge


Ortofon’s Concorde cartridges are some of the most iconic and enduring products in the DJ world. But like any gear, they can break from time to time. The part that breaks the most is the tonearm lift, the piece of plastic that sticks off from the cartridge body.

On this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx shares an innovative product by a company called PlayAgain that resurrects a cartridge with a broken arm.

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Watch Jose Rodriguez’s Routine for Ortofon

We love sharing turntablist routines — especially ones that are well-shot and contain new music. The latest to come across our radar is a video from Ortofon featuring Jose Rodriguez, a Spanish DJ who was in DJcityTV’s Málaga edition of the Cutting Room. As the video above shows, Rodriguez can certainly hold it down on his own.
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Fong Fong Makes Beat with Cartridge Sounds

Ortofon recently enlisted former DMC World Champion Fong Fong to showcase their limited edition QBert Concorde cartridge. While we’ve seen plenty of DJs get creative with styli before, Fong Fong’s routine is nothing short of amazing. Watch the two-minute video above.
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